No. 1 in the Oil category in France and in women's hearts*

Discover my story

I am Huile Prodigieuse®

Find out all about my life and my secret and
unique formula.

Here is my story, with many surprises along the way

  • 1991 I was born from a mother's need : an all-round care product

  • 1998 Launch of my shimmering version

  • 2011 I set my heart newon a beautiful look for my 20th birthday

  • 2013 14 million bottles sold (1) since my creation : I became a ''must-have'' product

  • 2015 My limited edition

  • Discover the new me

    Reinvented, 'I'm the same… just better'

    My new benefits

    A secret and unique formula, often imitated but never equaled...
    My brand-new formula is even more innovative, with new proven
    properties: an anti-oxidant action and a "shield"effect to
    protect from pollution** for face, an action on the
    appearance of stretch marks for the body, an
    all-round beautifying effect for hair. > Find out more

    My new active ingredient

    Tsubaki Oil, a Precious Botanical Oil from
    the Korean island of Jeju, has been added
    to my formula. NUXE chose it for its
    innovative anti-oxidant protection
    system as well as its nourishing
    and anti-ageing (2) properties. > Find out more

    My new secret formula

    I use the benefits of nature to enhance your beauty

    • Tsubaki Flower

      NUXE extracts a precious oil from the Tsubaki flower which colour ranges from dark-pink to red. Geishas have been using it for centuries as their essential beauty secret to protect, nourish and moisturise their skin and hair. NUXE has selected Tsubaki from the island of Jeju, one of the 7 new wonders of the natural world, located on the Korean Peninsula. This Tsubaki oil is obtained using cold-pressing method, a green process that yields the highest quality oils with a rich fatty acids content. An innovative anti-oxidant protection system has also been added to preserve its full efficacy.

    • Camellia

      This variety of Camellia with white flowers from South-East Asia may as well flourish in mountains, plains or costal regions. The oil from camellia seeds has been recognised for centuries in Asia for its great protective properties on skin and hair. NUXE uses an oil from Camellias harvested in Asia and obtained by cold-pressing the seeds, a green process that guarantees the highest quality oil. This oil has been selected for its rich omega 9 content, an unsaturated fatty acid which provides its moisturising and nourishing properties.

    • Argan

      Berbers have been using Argan Oil for centuries in the Atlas Mountains for its well-known skin-nourishing properties and effectiveness on hair. NUXE is using Argan from trees growing in moroccan areas with organic certification. The organic Argan Oil used comes from a first cold-pressing, a green process that yields the highest quality oil. Essentially made up of omega 6 and rich in sterols, Argan Oil is recognised for its repairing properties especially on hair.

    • Sweet Almond

      As well as having a very long life span – over 100 years – the almond tree is the first to reveal its beautiful blossoms at the end of winter, even before the leaves appear. The oil used to make almond milk is extracted from the almond hidden in a velvety shell. NUXE has selected a Sweet Almond Oil derived from a first cold-pressing, producing the highest quality oil especially rich in fatty acids, including omega 9 and omega 6. Its nourishing propertities make the skin feel suppler and softer.

    • Borage

      Distinguished by a long straight stem bristling with hairs and elegant blue star-shaped flowers, borage is a herbaceous plant that grows wild alongside pathways. NUXE has selected Borage Oil derived from a first cold-pressing of the seeds, producing the highest quality oil especially rich in unsaturated fatty acids like Omega-6 which level decreases with skin-ageing. It helps to restore the skin's elasticity and suppleness and is recognized for its anti-wrinkle properties.

    • Hazelnut

      Who would not recognize the hazelnut and its delicious nutty fruit? The subtle and refined hazelnut contains the most digestible oil among all the oleaginous fruits. NUXE uses a Hazelnut Oil obtained by cold-pressing. Selected for its rich fatty acids content – over 70% omega 9 – and vitamin E, this unique composition gives it all its properties: moisturizing, but above all, softening, soothing and protective.

    • Macadamia

      The Macadamia is a large tropical tree well-known for its little round nut with a very delicate taste and high oil content. Macadamia Oil is obtained by cold-pressing the ground nuts. This very light oil is rapidly absorbed by the epidermis, with no greasy effect. Its fatty acid properties, close to human sebum's composition, nourish perfectly dry and uncomfortable skin.

    My benefits recognized by all women . . .

    • Nourishing for 97%*** of women

    • Repairing for 97%*** of women

    • Softening for 100%*** of women

    . . . And, from the very start, paraben-free, with no silicone or mineral oils.

    My new benefits

    • Face

      Anti-oxidant action
      ''Shield'' effect against pollution (3)

    • Body

      Nourishing action
      Reduction of stretch marks colour by 30% (4)

    • Hair

      Enhance the beauty of hair
      Boost suppleness by 104% (5) and shine by 81% (5)

    My Prodigious® rituals

    My multi-purpose

    What you say about me

    • “ There is a before and an after Huile Prodigieuse! I can't live without it now, I love it ”Florence P

    • “ This oil makes my face feel softer. I apply it before my day cream and my skin looks truly enhanced and radiant. ” Stéphanie P

    Shhh . . . Keep it secret: some celebrities rave about me

    • Her essentials : “ All I need is a little bottle of Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse to moisturize my body and hair. ” Alexandra Lamy, actress (6)

    • “ I always carry Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse…
      I apply it everywhere, even on my hands, it's a ritual I've inherited from my Tunisian grandmother ”Aurélie Saada, singer with the group Brigitte (7)

    • “ I love Nuxe oil on my body, I discovered it when I was living in Paris. I just love it ! ”
      Dita Von Teese, burlesque dancer (8)