NUXE is committed to its partners

NUXE supports some projects of institutional and associative partners for a greener and more equitable world.

Supporting women farmers and the ecological transition with the GOODPLANET FOUNDATION

NUXE supports the ecological and community projects of the GoodPlanet Foundation, created in 2005 by the photographer and director Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This recognised public utility Foundation campaigns for respect for the environment and quality of life for populations through awareness raising and local actions.

The Foundation organises a wide range of artistic and educational projects designed to raise awareness of sustainable development: free events, workshops, exhibitions and more. It also welcomes the general public at the Domaine de Longchamp, a place for meetings and exchanges on ecology and humanism in Paris. In the field, it is involved in more than 47 development projects all over the world with its ‘Action Carbone Solidaire’ programme. These projects focus on 5 major conservation themes: biodiversity, sustainable farming and forestry, clean energy, waste and environmentally friendly construction.

NUXE is particularly involved in the ‘Women and Sustainable Agriculture’ programme, a project focusing on nature and women that resonates with the company’s commitments for a fairer world with greater respect for the planet.

In view of the essential role played by women in the ecological transition, NXUE and the GoodPlanet Foundation are supporting French women farmers to help them make their voices heard in the agricultural world. 


Support for efforts to protect bees with UN TOIT POUR LES ABEILLES’ [A home for bees].

Bees are an essential link in maintaining biodiversity, thanks to their pollinating work. NUXE is taking action to protect bees by working with the charity ‘Un toit pour les abeilles’ [A home for bees], by sponsoring hives located in the Vosges region of France to create new colonies and thus preserve the species.


Working to combat plastic pollution in oceans with the NGO OCEANOPLASTIC

Alongside OCEANOPLASTIC, NUXE is taking action to protect the world’s oceans by joining the fight against plastic pollution. Each year, over 10 million tonnes of plastic find their way into the oceans. In France, this represents at least 6,000 tonnes of plastic per year, or one tonne per kilometre of coastline: a real ecological, economic and health catastrophe that requires a rapid change in behaviour.

NUXE supports all the actions of this environmental NGO which focuses on tackling pollution at its source and on a pragmatic search for solutions. For example, we took part in a major waste collection campaign in January 2020 along the coast of the French West Indies which identified the source of many items of plastic waste. The organisation also works on French coastlines, collecting, identifying and reducing sources of plastic pollution.

OCEANOPLASTIC also organises information campaigns to raise awareness and encourage more responsible behaviour among consumers, manufacturers, fishing professionals, nautical operators and public authorities. 


Promoting access to drinking water for everyone with the NGO 1001FONTAINES.

As the main ingredient in NUXE skincare formulas, water is, above all, a vital resource to which not all populations throughout the world have equal access. NUXE therefore supports the NGO 1001fontaines by funding the installation of two drinking water production stations in rural villages in Cambodia, and one station in Madagascar. Managed by local entrepreneurs who are provided with long-term training and support, these social businesses provide access to safe drinking water for over 9,000 people.

The ‘Water in school’ programme also ensures supplies for primary schools: thanks to NUXE, more than 8,000 schoolchildren drink safe water every day. 


Supporting efforts to combat waste with the AGENCE DU DON EN NATURE.

NUXE also takes action alongside the Agence du Don en Nature, a French charity working in the general public interest, created in 2009, to support companies in reducing waste.

This partnership thus allows NUXE to collect unsold items or surplus stock for redistribution to the most impoverished communities in France. These activities involve 850 associations in the ADN network, located throughout the country, which fight poverty daily.