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According to NUXE’s strict formulation charter, NUXE Sun protection products are developed as part of a continuous improvement approach designed to ensure the best balance between naturalness, effectiveness, sensoriality and environmental footprint, with no compromise on safety.

The formulas of our protection products contain an exclusive patented sunscreen system combining 2 esters and 3 organic sunscreens. These organic sunscreens are recognised for their proven effectiveness on all UVB and UVA, both short and long.

They are combined with mainly natural-origin ingredients, such as botanical oils and botanical-origin anti-oxidant extracts (extracts of Rice and Rosemary) which help to make skin look more beautiful and protect it from premature photo-aging.


NUXE Sun protection products contribute to respect for marine life: the non-toxic properties of their formulas for the marine eco-system have been evaluated in 4 complementary tests carried out on fresh water algae, marine algae, a bacterium and corals representative of this entire eco-system.

Furthermore, the formulas of NUXE Sun protection products are also water-resistant(1), which reduces the dispersion of sunscreens when swimming.


Enjoy the sun’s warm caress with peace of mind while savouring the pleasure of sensual textures and a scent of adventure. A satiny oil, a light fluid, a melting cream... Non-sticky textures that leave no white film on the skin. Their solar fragrance evokes the sweet smell of summer with zesty harmonies of Sweet Orange and Petitgrain in the head, wafting Tiare Coconut Flower in the heart and a captivating base of Vanilla and Musk.


For effective protection of your skin from the sun, it is important to ensure liberal application of a product that screens UV rays. In the city, on the beach or in the mountains, we need to choose the right routine for our phototype (skin’s sensitivity to the sun) and exposure conditions. Excessive exposure to the sun is dangerous for health: it is advisable to avoid exposure when the sun is at its most intense, between 11 am and 4 pm. A sun care product does not provide 100% protection.

Sun Oil, Sun Cream for the Face, Sun Lotion, Sun Spray, or Sun Fluid, whatever your preferred texture, it is important to apply the product carefully and evenly at least every two hours and always after bathing. Don’t forget your hair, protect it with an Hair Protection Oil.

In the evening, gently remove UV sunscreens, salt, chlorine and sand with the Hair and Body Shampoo before moisturizing your skin and preserving your tan with the After-Sun Lotion. Finish with a wafting cloud of Delicious Fragrant Water, the most irresistible of summer scents.



Protecting the oceans is an absolute priority: each year, up to 10 million tonnes of plastic find their way into the world’s seas. This is a real environmental, economic and health disaster that requires us all to change our behaviour.

We are working alongside OCEANOPLASTIC to play our part in combatting plastic pollution of French oceans. Since 2016, this environmental NGO has been collecting waste from the sea and along coastlines with the aim of identifying sources of plastic pollution and tackling the root causes. It also organises campaigns designed to inform, educate and raise awareness among consumers, manufacturers and authorities.

Excessive exposure to the sun is dangerous. A sun care product does not provide 100% protection. Avoid exposure to the sun in the middle of the day. Use an appropriate sun protection factor.

Respect for marine life: NUXE Sun protection products have been formulated to contribute to respect for the marine environment. For more information, visit www.nuxe.com.

*Clean formula according to NUXE for NUXE SUN protection products: a continuous improvement approach to ensure the best balance between naturalness, effectiveness, sensoriality and environmental footprint, with no compromise on safety. For more information, visit www.nuxe.com.

(1) Except Delicious Sun Spray SPF30, Melting Cream for the Face SPF50 and Melting Lotion SPF50.