SWEET LEMON, A delectable crush* with a lemon-meringue scent


A delectable crush* with a lemon-meringue scent

Sweet Lemon Collection

Moisturizing lip stick, Sweet Lemon 4gr

5.0 Stars 2 Reviews

Hand and nail cream, Sweet Lemon 50 ml

5.0 Stars 1 Reviews


Delectable pleasure, effective and natural

Add a delectable touch to your beauty routine and discover the new vegan and certified organic skincare range for lips and hands with a luscious lemon-meringue scent. 

These two areas of the body are particularly exposed to external aggressions which means they tend to quickly feel dry. 

The “Sweet Lemon” skincare trio reveals formulas designed to moisturize and soften hands and lips, while providing a real moment of softness and pleasure on application. 


-With the Lip Balm, sensations of tightness disappear for 100%(1), lips are nourished for 100% and soft for 95%(1)

-With the Lip Stick, lips are smoothed, moisturized and comfortable for 100%(2)

-With the  Hand and Nail Cream, hands are moisturized for 100%(3) and protected from external aggressions (wind, cold, friction, excessive washing, etc.) for 95%(3)


Discover the delectable pleasure of our vegan and certified Organic lip care products and our hand and nail cream with an irresistible lemon-meringue scent.

This new 100% natural-origin fragrance adds a delectable touch to this very sensorial routine. 

Lips and hands delight in these melting textures with no “oily” or “sticky” effect and an ultra-comfortable feel. 


Winter and summer, morning and evening, your lips and hands need special attention and caring for them is the foundation of your beauty routine. 

Start the day by applying the Lip Balm and enjoy a genuine moment of pleasure with its ultra-sensorial melting texture and delectable scent. The little balm in a practical size to carry with you everywhere is essential for softer, moisturized and protected lips with no sensation of tightness. Ideal to care for your lips at any time of day or night, the 100% natural-origin Lip Stick leaves a smooth and non-sticky finish on the lips

Hands are constantly exposed to external aggressions (wind, cold, sun, friction, excessive washing, etc.), so above all, they need softness, moisturizing and protection. Experience the irresistible pleasure of caring for your hands with the Sweet Lemon Hand and Nail Cream with delectable notes of lemon-meringue. Its non-greasy melting texture is rapidly absorbed and allows easy and practical application for moisturized, softer and more beautiful hands. It is also recommended to prepare your nails before a manicure.


Discover the new Sweet Lemon range, your new 100% pleasure routine with a lemon-meringue scent that blends delectable sensations and beauty care

Experience the irresistible appeal of our vegan, made in France and certified Organic lip care products and hand and nail cream

Lip Balm with a melting texture and delectable scent for softer, moisturized and protected lips. 
The Lip Stick to care for your lips at any time of day. 
The Hand and Nail Cream with lemon-meringue notes moisturizes, softens and is rapidly absorbed into the skin. 

(1) Usage test - 22 volunteers - satisfaction % immediately after application 
(2) Usage test – 21 volunteers - satisfaction % immediately after application. 
(3) Usage test - 22 volunteers - satisfaction % immediately after application 

*crush: favourite