Merveillance LIFT

Merveillance LIFT

Reveal skin that is as strong as you are

Merveillance LIFT Collection

Firming Powdery Cream, Merveillance Lift 50 ml

5.0 Stars 3 Reviews

Firming Velvet Cream, Merveillance Lift 50 ml

5.0 Stars 1 Reviews

Concentrated Night Cream, Merveillance Lift 50 ml

4.83 Stars 6 Reviews

Lift Eye Cream, Merveillance Lift 15 ml

5.0 Stars 3 Reviews

Anti-ageing Lift essentials


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Discover Merveillance LIFT, your wrinkles-firmness correction routine: a range of 5 anti-ageing care products infused with an ultra-correcting Micro-Algae Oil. In a single drop, this green active ingredient concentrates the power of 4 billion native cells to reveal a skin that is as strong as you are.

Day after day, wrinkles are corrected, your skin seems firmer, visibly more beautiful.

These vegan formulas* are developed according to the Nuxe charter , with no compromises on pleasure with subtly scented Freesia-Magnolia-White Musk ⁽¹⁾ ultra-sensorial textures.

Star ingredient: ultra-correcting Micro-Algae Oil

NUXE has selected Chlorella Vulgaris, a soft water microscopic green algae with exceptional regeneration capabilities.

It first appeared on earth 2.5 billion years ago and has survived to the present day thanks to its amazing resistance, which it owes to its impenetrable membrane.

The micro-algae are cultivated in Brittany in high-tech bioreactors which optimise cultivation conditions and guarantee traceability and consistent quality. The Micro-Algae Oil is obtained using a cutting-edge environmentally friendly technology that makes it possible to extract the active molecules from its membrane, which are difficult to access using other methods. This innovative Made in France extraction method also has the advantage of being eco-responsible. The micro-algae residue from the process is composted. 

One drop of Micro-Algae Oil concentrates the power of 4 billion native cells, which means an extract rich in essential fatty acids and natural antioxidants.

Proven anti-ageing effectiveness of the Micro-Algae Oil

NUXE uses the powers of the Micro-Algae Oil to strengthen the dermal-epidermal junction, the interface between the dermis and epidermis, the wavy shape of which ensures the skin’s firmness and youthfulness.

Ageing and external aggressions cause the dermal-epidermal junction to slacken and wrinkles then start to appear on the skin’s surface. The ultra-correcting effectiveness of the Micro-Algae Oil has been proven by an exclusive in vitro test: the resilience of the dermal-epidermal junction is restored and collagen is strengthened. On the surface, skin is firmer and more resistant, wrinkles are corrected.

Find out more about the action of the Micro-Algae Oil

Merveillance LIFT beauty routine

Step 1: Firm your skin with the Firming Activating Oil-Serum. Just 3 drops in the morning and/or evening are all you need: warm them in your hands and apply over your entire face in upward strokes, from the center of your face towards the outer contours.

Step 2 : Make your eyes look wider with the Lift Eye Cream. Apply to the eye contour area, from the center towards the temples. For a wider-eyed effect, use slow and deep movements above your eyelids, working upwards. Relax the lion’s wrinkle using upward smoothing strokes.

Step 3 : In the morning, smooth your face with your Firming face cream : the Firming Powdery Cream for normal to combination skin, the Firming Velvet Cream for normal to dry skin, or Firming Radiance Cream to smooth and brighten the complexion. In the evening, apply the Concentrated Night Cream. Alternate smoothing movements with gentle pinches, focusing in particular on facial contours and wrinkles to be corrected.

Eco-designed packaging

Recyclable⁽⁴⁾, Merveillance LIFT packaging has been designed to minimise the environmental impact:

- 35% reduction in plastic

- 22% reduction in cardboard

- 40% reduction in carbon footprint

Self-massage to tone your skin with Céline, your NUXE Spa beauty coach

*Vegan formulas without ingredients or derivatives of animal origin.  

⁽¹⁾ Except the Lift Eye Cream which has a light scent developed specifically for the eye contour area.
⁽²⁾ Except the dropper for the Serum which should disposed of in a waste bin.
⁽³⁾ Comparative study (June 2021). Results for the new Merveillance Lift range vs. the previous Merveillance Expert range.