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Nuxuriance Gold

Illuminate and nourish your dry skin that has become more fragile with age.

The Collection Nuxuriance Gold

Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream, Nuxuriance Gold 50 ml

4.91 Stars 11 Reviews

Radiance Eye Balm, Nuxuriance Gold 15 ml

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NUXE Research: 4 patents⁽¹⁾

Nourishing anti-aging care for dry skin that has become more fragile with age⁽¹⁾

Nuxuriance Gold meets the specific needs of undernourished mature skin seeking greater density, comfort and radiance. NUXE Research has combined Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells with Porcelain Rose Oleoactive for nourishing and radiant anti-aging power. The formulas, with over 94% natural-origin ingredients, have soothing textures for ideal comfort. Proven results⁽²⁾ : Skin looks more beautiful, full of life. - Intensely replumped for 88% of women. - Firmer for 88% of women. - Appearing strengthened for 84%.

Star Ingredient

PORCELAIN ROSE - 1 patent⁽¹⁾

Rich in polyphenols, Porcelain Rose helps to enhance complexion radiance. To unleash all the benefits of the plant, NUXE has selected a natural extraction process called oleo-eco-extraction. This allows optimum extraction of the active molecules using a botanical oil, rapeseed oil, as the carrier. The resulting Porcelain Rose Oleoactive contains 6 concentrated active molecules, including polyphenols and omegas. Convinced by the potential inherent in this plant, NUXE has studied and revealed the role of this Oleoactive in activating skin microcirculation to restore radiance. This discovery has been patented.

Nuxuriance Gold beauty routine

1. The RecoveryOil-Serum: apply in the morning and/or evening to perfectly cleansed skin to nourish and strengthen your skin and enhance its radiance.
2. The Radiance Eye Balm: apply in the morning and/or evening to the eye contour area for a moisturizing and illuminating effect. Smooth from the centre of your face towards the outer contours with light pressure.
3. The Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream: apply in the morning for denser, more nourished and radiant skin.
4. The Nutri-Fortifying Night Balm: apply in the evening to the face, neck and décolleté in upward smoothing strokes. In the morning, your skin appears smoother, its radiance is restored.
Complete your anti-aging routine with Super Serum [10],apply in the morning and evening before the other products.

Skin care to boost self confidence

NUXE has shown the power of the Nuxuriance Gold range on self confidence and well-being, a reality proven by neuroscience researchers. After using the routine for 28 days⁽¹⁾, women feel less stressed when viewing their own reflection and describe themselves more positively.

Psychometric measurements confirm better physical self acceptance: women feel better about themselves and more confident.

Our CSR commitments

NUXE is continuing to take positive steps to reduce the packaging for Nuxuriance Gold and limit its environmental impact. With a 25% reduction in cardboard and 45% in plastic​⁽³⁾, representing the equivalent of:

199,793 kilometres saved by car⁽⁴⁾
189,046 kilometres saved by plane.

Clean: clean formula according to NUXE.
Vegan formula: ⁽¹⁾ Except for the Recovery Oil-Serum.
⁽²⁾ Usage test - 32 women. Satisfaction % after 28 days of using the Nutri-Fortifying oil-Cream.
​⁽³⁾ Study carried out on all packaging for the NUXURIANCE GOLD range. Comparative study (data from January 2023). Results at equivalent quantities between the 2022 vs. 2024 ranges.
⁽⁴⁾ Source 2023: Results at equivalent quantities, i.e. 100,000 units sold, between the NUXURIANCE GOLD range 2022 vs 2024.