Sweet Almond Oil

The nourishing ally for dry skin.

Where does it come from?
While the Almond tree is a long-lived fruit tree - it lives over 100 years - it is also the first to display its spectacular bloom at the end of winter, before the leaves even appear. Its velvety shell contains the almond, as delicious as it is beneficial, from which the oil is extracted and with which the milk is made. Native to Central Asia, the Almond tree needs heat and sun. It is now mainly cultivated around the Mediterranean and in California.

Its traditional properties
The many cosmetic virtues of Sweet Almond Oil have been used since Antiquity. It is known to nourish, soften and soften the skin, but also to soothe irritation and itching or to reduce stretch marks.

NUXE expertise
NUXE has chosen Sweet Almond Oil resulting from a first cold pressing allowing to obtain the most qualitative oil and particularly rich in fatty acids, in particular in omega 6 and 9. Very nourishing for the skin and the hair. , it makes them more flexible, softer and also more radiant.

Our eco-responsible approach
NUXE has selected a Sweet Almond Oil made in France from a simple cold pressing of the fruit, a green process that does not use any solvents or chemicals.

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