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Good resolutions for a beautiful new year

The dawning of a new year often means resolutions. But rather than setting unachievable goals, let’s be kind to ourselves for once and make 2021 the year of self-care! What do you say to making the best resolution ever this year, to start caring for yourself and your skin? Here is a little recap of some essential beauty steps offering daily benefits for skin and mind.

1. Back to basics: make time for yourself.

It might seem obvious, but taking time for yourself is the essential first step in self-care, especially after the year we’ve had in 2020! When you’re juggling work, exercise and everyday chores, it can sometimes be difficult to find time to stop for breath. But it’s important to take even just 30 minutes to an hour each day just for you, to reconnect and recharge your batteries. From an aerobics class for an endorphin high to yoga to release muscular tension, reading in front of the fire, a relaxing face massage, meditating or even trying out a new recipe in a cookery lesson: we all have our own way of enjoying ‘me’ time!

2. Take time to remove your make-up.

This is a key part of your beauty routine and never to be neglected as this is THE essential step to remove all the impurities that have accumulated on your skin over the course of the day. Choose the ultra-gentle make-up removers and cleansers from our Very Rose range with rose floral water, such as the 3-in-1 Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin, the Creamy Make-up Remover Milk or the Face Cleansing Foam. Envelop your skin in softness for a daily self-care and beauty boost!

3. Comfort your skin.

The word ‘comfort’ might conjure up images of curling up on a comfy sofa with a mug of hot tea and a cosy blanket. But your skin deserves its own little daily dose of comfort too. Treat your skin to moisturising and radiance with the rich texture of the Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Moisturising Cream for a 48-hour*** moisturising shot, or the cocooning texture of the NUXE BIO Organic Glow Moisturising Cream, a vitamin-infused cocktail for glowing skin. And if you’re looking for a radiance boost, we have just what you need: the Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Wrinkles and Imperfections Correcting Cream. Comforting time out for body and skin!

4. Enjoy restorative sleep.

We often hear how essential sleep is. And this is no exaggeration. Making sure you have a good sleep routine is a real beauty resolution on its own because, as well as providing your body with the energy it needs for the day, sleep also has a fundamental role for your skin. Skin renews and detoxifies during the night, so forget about 3 am bedtimes and irregular sleep cycles: set a regular pattern by going to bed at the same time and try to get at least 7 hours’ sleep each night.

And to ensure your sleep is restorative for your skin, enlist the services of your very own night guardian, applied every evening for the sweetest of dreams: the NUXE BIO Organic Ultimate Night Recovery Oil to nourish and repair, the Crème Prodigieuse® Boost Night Recovery Oil Balm for relaxed features and replenished skin in the morning or the Merveillance® Expert Lift and Firm Night Cream for a firming effect. For guaranteed harmony of body and skin!

5. Use a facial massage roller.

You might have heard of the jade roller, the new on-trend beauty accessory. This tool could be an ideal addition to your beauty routine this year. It has lots to offer. The jade roller is a real self-care accessory, inspired by an ancient and proven beauty technique from traditional Chinese medicine!

The jade massage roller combines a very relaxing experience with a firming and beautifying effect, releasing tension in the facial muscles and creating a more luminous complexion. A real sensorial well-being experience for you and your skin! So, have we convinced you?

To discover all the benefits of the jade roller for your skin, read our article “Jade roller: the new on-trend accessory in your beauty routine!” .

The jade roller: a new on-trend accessory for your beauty routine!

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The jade roller: a new on-trend accessory for your beauty routine!

Discover its benefits and some effective massage techniques.

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