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How should I choose my day cream?

A day cream creates a protective barrier between your skin and the outside world and is THE absolute essential in any beauty routine. The skin has very specific needs which can also vary depending on the season or age, so the first step is to clearly identify your skin’s needs to provide an appropriate response. But how should you choose your day cream?

Step 1: identify your main concern.

  • Does your skin feel tight at times? Is it lacking in radiance and can you see fine lines in places? Your skin lacks water, you need a moisturising cream. Moisturising is the no. 1 need for all skin types, including normal and combination skin, and is an essential good habit for beautiful skin every day.
    Long-lasting hydration, moisturising and anti-pollution protection or a moisturising and perfecting action to tackle minor blemishes… There is a product for every need and preference!
  • Does your skin constantly feel tight, uncomfortable and rough? Your skin is lacking in lipids. You need a nourishing cream or a dry oil to help restructure and strengthen your skin, to restore day-long suppleness, comfort and softness.
  • Is your skin showing signs of ageing (loss of freshness and radiance, wrinkles, slackening, pigmentation marks…)? Don’t panic, help is at hand, with anti-ageing skincare: 1st signs of ageing, wrinkles and firmness or global anti-ageing, with so many products to choose from you’re sure to find your ideal beauty routine!

Step 2: choose your perfect texture.

Light and fluid or creamy and rich? To provide the correct response to your skin’s needs, you need to choose a day cream specifically for your skin type! From the different types of day creams, choose:

  • A light texture, such as an emulsion or fluid for combination to oily skin, for a light sensation on the skin.
  • A rich and creamy texture for dry skin, to provide intense nourishing, in particular at night or in colder weather.
  •  A classic cream texture for normal skin.

Step 3: complement your routine with specific products.

Finally, add some targeted products to your routine. Each step prepares the skin for the next product:

  • A preparatory product, such as a care lotion, applied as the first step in your beauty routine. Its role: to prepare your skin and create the ideal foundation for subsequent products.
  • A serum, a concentrated product to boost the effectiveness of your day and night creams.
  • An eye cream to target this very fragile area that tends to show signs of ageing faster.
  • A night cream to take advantage of this ideal time for skin renewal when skin is most receptive to products.



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