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Ideal protection and a divinely sensory experience

The NUXE Laboratory has created NUXE sun, a suncare range offering ideal protection and a divinely sensory experience.

Ideal protection to allow you enjoy the sun with complete peace of mind
Each NUXE sun protective care product contains UVA and UVB* sunscreens together with a duo of Water and Sun Flowers to moisturise and soothe the skin**. They also provide anti-ageing protection*** thanks to powerful natural anti-oxidants combined with a botanical precursor of DNA.

Delicious textures with an intoxicating scent for a sublime tan
The NUXE sun formulas**** contain a tanning activator: Carob seed powder. This Mediterranean seed stimulates tanning from the very first exposure to the sun, to help encourage natural bronzing of the skin. Their sensual textures melt over the skin, unveiling their incredible scent of Sweet Orange, Tiare Flowers and Vanilla, for a sensory voyage creating an immediate  holiday feeling.

- Complexion is radiant: 92%(1)
- Tan is lasting: 95%(2)
- Tan is luminous: 100%(2)

NUXE sun collection

Delicious Fragrant Water

The sunniest fragrant trail.

Refreshing After-Sun Milk

Prolongs tanning, repairs, soothes

After-Sun Hair and Body Shampoo

Refreshes and removes UV filters, salt, chlorine and sand.

Bronzing Oil High Protection SPF 30

Nourishes, enhances tanning. anti-ageing cellular protection.

Delicious Cream High Protection SPF 30

Moisturises, enhances tanning andanti-ageing cellular protection.

Melting Cream For Face SPF 50

Moisturises prevents the appearance of dark spots and anti-ageing cellular protection.

Delicious Lotion High Protection SPF 30

Enhances tanning, moisturises and anti-ageing cellular protection.

NUXE SUN Tanning Oil for Face and Body SPF10


Face and Body Sun Spray NUXE Sun - SPF 20

Medium protection milky spray for face and body - spf 20

NUXE Sun Melting Spray for Face and Body SPF 50

High protection fondant spray for face and body - spf 50

Moisturising Protective Milky Oil for Hair

Multi-protection (UV, salt, chlorine) hair and scalp

NUXE Sun Delicious Fragrant Water

The sunniest fragrant trail.

NUXE Sun Travel Set SPF 30

High protection & glamorous tan on the go

NUXE Sun Travel Set SPF 50

High protection & glamorous tan on the go

Beauty Advice & Tips

All the tips you need for ideal protection

How can I protect my skin effectively from the sun?

Apply your suncare product throughout the day, around every 2 hours and always after swimming. Avoid staying out in the sun between 11am and 4pm.

Protecting yourself appropriately from the sun can be something of a chore, so our aim for Nuxe Sun was to make these moments very pleasurable and pampering experiences.

What is tanning?

When UV rays penetrate the skin, they activate the melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing the skin’s “brown” pigmentation: melanin.

This is actually a self-defence mechanism for the skin, as melanin is capable of filtering UV rays, and therefore playing a role in sun protection (which explains why a tan makes our skin more resistant to the sun).

However, in summer sunshine, this natural protection is not enough. We need to use a sun protection product and follow the instructions for correct application.

Why do I need to protect my skin?

When the skin is exposed to too many UV rays, it reacts: resulting in sunburn.

However, before this sunburn even occurs, UV rays have time to cause harmful effects on the skin, notably by damaging certain components and thus contributing to the acceleration of premature skin ageing.

Excessive exposure to the sun is dangerous for health. Using appropriate protection, tailored to the sun conditions and your phototype, and following the recommendations for correct behaviour in the sun protects skin from aggressions and sunburn, allowing it to build up a beautiful and lasting luminous tan.

Which SPF factor do I need for my skin? How should you choose sun protection?

To choose the correct level of sun protection, you need to consider your skin type in the sun (called the “phototype”) and the sun conditions.

If you have very fair skin that burns easily, or if you are going to spend time in very sunny places (the tropics, out on a boat, in the mountains), you will need to use protection with a high SPF (30, 50 or 50+).

In normal sun conditions, an SPF of 30 offers excellent protection.
In standard test conditions, an SPF of 30 actually blocks 97% of UV, while a factor 50 blocks 98%.

What is the difference between an SPF30 oil and an SPF30 cream?

There is no difference at all in terms of the quality of protection!
The only distinction between these two textures is their sensory properties.
So it's simply a question of sensation.

Why and how should I prepare my skin for tanning?

Before going on holiday, you can help your skin to tan better.
You can do this by using so-called “sun” food supplements with high levels of anti-oxidants and which help the skin defend itself more effectively from UV.

We also recommend exfoliating your skin one week before you set off, to remove dead skin cells and ensure a more homogeneous and even-looking tan

However, a word of warning, never exfoliate your skin vigorously in the morning before going to the beach! This would remove a protective layer, resulting in the risk of “bare” patches of skin and the possible appearance of dark spots!
Finally, after exposure to the sun, don't forget to moisturise your skin every evening with a hydrating and soothing after-sun care.

How can I make my tan last longer?

Even after returning home from your holiday, there are still steps you can take to make your tan last as long as possible.

Moisturise your skin in the morning and evening with a moisturising and tan-prolonging after-sun lotion, for example, from the Nuxe Sun range. Its pea extract is actually capable of continuing to stimulate melanin production, and we have shown that this extract can prolong a tan by 1 month.

It is also a good idea to exfoliate your skin, but do this just once a week and gently to keep your skin smooth and show off your tan.
Overly vigorous exfoliation will promote the renewal of your epidermis, which means your tan will fade faster.

Tips for summer

1. During high noon: stay in the shade
2. Stay hydrated
3. Always use sun protection, including hair
4. Use a sun protection even if cloudy
5. Apply your sun protection 30 minutes before sun exposure
6. Wear a sun hat and cover up
7. For an even tan, exfoliate before the holidays but don't over exfoliate
8. Make sure to apply an after sun care
9. Pay attention to reflected sunlight

How should I protect my skin in mountain sunshine?

In mountain environments, the sun’s rays are more intense in both summer and winter.

The layer of atmosphere they pass through to reach our skin is thinner at altitude than at sea level. Furthermore, the presence of snow causes high levels of reflection of the UV rays responsible for sunburn.

It is therefore essential to use very high sun protection in these conditions. And don’t forget to drink lots of water because, even in cold weather, we need to keep our body hydrated.

I live in the city, do I need to protect my skin in this urban environment?

The sun can be very intense, even in cities. When you are sitting at a pavement café or out strolling in the sunshine, remember to protect exposed areas (face, arms, shoulders, legs, etc.) with appropriate sun protection for the season and your skin.

Active extracts

The power of water and sun flowers to support your skin

Water Hyacinth

Protection against dehydration: With its bright green foliage and purple flowers, water hyacinth is one of the most beautiful soft water plants.

Native to the Tropics, it thrives in bodies of water, rivers, canals, lakes and marshes. Water hyacinth is particularly appreciated for its ability to naturally detoxify and decontaminate the waters in which it bathes.

Nuxe has selected Hyacinths produced in controlled bodies of water in the Camargue region of France. The aerial part of the plant (petals, leaves and stems) is subjected to a natural, exclusive and solvent-free extraction process called oleo-eco-extraction.

The resulting Water Hyacinth Oleoactive® concentrates all the properties of the flower and our laboratory has proven that it significantly improves the skin's barrier function. Water Hyacinth therefore helps to prevent dehydration of the skin (Nuxe patent filed in France).

NUXE Research

NUXE sun: ideal protection

Ingrid Pernet - Director of Scientific Communication, Laboratoire NUXE

NUXE sun: protective and sensory technology

Our key focus in developing the NUXE sun formulas: pleasure of use.

Because the best way to encourage consumers to protect their skin is to make this act a sheer pleasure.

This is why our textures, whether Oil, Spray, Lotion or Cream, spread easily and very gently, and their scent is simply incredible, with top notes of Sweet Orange, a heart of Tiare Flowers and a base of Vanilla.

A real holiday fragrance!

Why do we need to protect our skin from the sun?

Sunlight is made up of different rays, including ultraviolet (UVA, UVB and UVC), which are capable of penetrating the skin and triggering biological effects. As well as beneficial effects (promoting synthesis of vitamin D), there is an abundance of negative consequences in the event of over-exposure, including sunburn, photo-sensitisation reactions, accelerated skin ageing and, in some cases, even cancer in the long term.

This makes it very important to observe recommendations for appropriate behaviour in the sun (avoid going out during the hottest times of day, etc.) and systematically apply a sun protection product tailored to your skin to filter UV rays, in other words, block them to a great extent.

Making protecting your skin from the sun a pleasure, that's the NUXE Sun philosophy!

Ingrid Pernet - Director of Scientific Communication, Laboratoire NUXE

*Only for Nuxe Sun protection products
**Except for Nuxe Sun Fragrant Water, Nuxe Sun Shampoo
***Except for Nuxe Sun Fragrant Water, Nuxe Sun Oil for Hair, Nuxe Sun self-tanning products
****Except in Nuxe Sun Fragrant Water. Tanning Oil for Face and Body SPF10, Tanning Oil for Face and Body SPF30, High-Protection Milky Oil for Hair, moisturising After-Sun Hair and Body Shampoo 
(1) Use test conducted under dermatological supervision on 24 volunteers for 28 days – Satisfaction % after 28 days for the Tanning Oil fr Face and Body low protection SPF10
(2) Use test conducted under dermatological supervision on 22 volunteers for 28 days – Satisfaction % after 28 days for the Delicious Lotion for Face and Body high protection SPF30.

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