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The new beauty “must have” with instant effectiveness.

Insta-Masque, the new collection of face masks combining 2 effective ingredients for 2 key actions on the skin and visible results in just 2 minutes.


The combination of 2 ingredients for 2 actions on the skin and results in just 2 minutes.

With Rose Floral Water, known for its soothing and softening benefits on the skin, NUXE research is innovating by combining active ingredients with a specific action in each of its masks: Macadamia Oil with a moisturising action, together with a fine exfoliating powder for gentle exfoliation, Charcoal for a detoxifying action and White Clay for a purifying effect. A combination of 2 effective ingredients with targeted actions for visible results in just 2 minutes.

Real instant beauty for everyone.

Formulas with ultra-sensory textures infused with Rose Floral Water and captivating scents promise a real moment of pleasure and relaxation for healthy and radiantly beautiful skin. Effective, quick and practical application for instant beauty tailored to your needs. 


Visible results.

Laboratoire NUXE has drawn on its know-how and formulation expertise to develop a collection of masks combining effective active ingredients for two visible results on the skin in just 2 minutes.  

Exfoliating + unifying mask: 
Gentle exfoliation for 95%*
More even skin tone for 100%*

Detoxifying + glow mask: 
Skin appears detoxified for 100%*
Radiant skin for 95%*

Purifying + smoothing mask:
Skin is gently purified for 100%**
Skin texture is smoothed for 90%**

Use test - Satisfaction % after 28 days *on 22 volunteers. **on 21 volunteers

Insta-Masque Collection

Insta-Masque Exfoliating Mask

Exfoliating mask with micro-grains - gently exfoliates and evens out the complexion

Insta-Masque Clay Face Mask

Purifying mask with clay - purifies and smooths the skin's texture

Insta-Masque Charcoal Face Mask

Face mask with active charcoal - detoxifies and boosts radiance

Beauty Advice & Tips

Our tips for a beautiful skin in just 2 minutes.


How can I choose the most suitable mask for me?

To choose the right mask and benefit from its properties, it is essential to identify the skin's needs and the desired benefits:
- City-dwellers looking for radiance and freshness should choose the
Detoxifying + Glow Insta-Masque.
- For women seeking to correct dilated pores and shine: opt for the Purifying + Smoothing Insta-Masque.
- If you are looking for a very soft skin with a smooth and even texture
: choose the Exfoliating + Unifying Insta-Masque.
- And if your top priority is comfort, a moisturising or soothing mask such as the Crème Fraîche® de Beauté Moisturising Mask is an ideal choice.
Additional tip:
as each mask contains specific concentrated active ingredients targeting a particular issue, you can alternate their application to combine the benefits.


How do you apply the mask properly?

On clean and thoroughly cleansed skin, follow 4 key steps:
1- Apply 2- Leave for 2 minutes 3 - In the case of an exfoliating mask or one with a changing texture, massage gently 4 - Rinse, and that’s all you need to do!

Depending on your skin’s needs, use once or twice a week, applying in a thick layer over the face and avoiding the eye contour. After removing the mask, apply your daily care. 

A few extra tips: 
- After leaving on for the required period, place a damp wash mitten or flannel on the face and hold for a few seconds to help dissolve and the mask. Then rinse with water. 
- For a quick and practical application, you can use your mask directly in the shower.


Can you use several masks at the same time?

Yes, and it is even recommended, as the skin’s needs may differ over different zones of the face (for example: purification on the T zone and radiance boosting on the cheeks).

In this case, you can apply your mask locally or opt for “multi-masking”, in other words, applying different masks on specific areas to meet different skincare needs at the same time.  


Do you need to use a scrub before applying a mask?

Using a scrub before applying a mask is ideal to remove accumulated dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and create optimum conditions to promote penetration of active ingredients.

However, there is no need to use a scrub before the exfoliating + unifying mask as this already combines the effectiveness of a scrub with the benefits of a mask.

Active Extracts

Rose Floral Water together with a high-performance active ingredient for a targeted and immediate action.


Rose Floral Water

With its captivating scent reminiscent of our grandmothers’ gardens and dense bouquets of small pink flowers, Damascena rose, a thorny shrub native to Syria, is one of the most important ancient varieties.

Naturally loaded with fragrant molecules, its petals are particularly prized by perfumers. Its soothing properties have also been recognised since ancient times.

NUXE uses a Damascena Rose Floral Water, or hydrolate, obtained by distillation from a 5% dry extract of whole flowers, gathered exclusively by hand in the morning dew. This Rose Floral Water is a real source of softness and soothing for all skin types, even sensitive skin.


Macadamia Oil

The Macadamia is a large tropical tree, known above all for its little round nut with a very delicate taste and high protein content. In cosmetics, the Macadamia nut is above all known for its hidden treasure: a light oil with a non-greasy finish, particularly rich in fatty acids and very easily absorbed by the skin.
NUXE has chosen Macadamia Oil sourced from nuts mainly originating from Guatemala and cultivated using eco-responsible methods, without pesticides and herbicides. The oil is then obtained by cold-pressing the nuts, an environmentally-friendly process using no solvents or chemicals, yielding particularly high quality oil and generating no polluting residue.
In the exfoliating and unifying mask, Macadamia Oil helps to improve moisturising. Together with a fine natural origin exfoliating powder, it promotes gentle exfoliation.

Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is a substance formed after carbonisation of vegetable matter. Its porous surface gives it great absorbing and detoxifying power.
Laboratoire NUXE has selected a botanical origin Activated Charcoal, obtained from bamboo. This charcoal is said to be “activated” as it has undergone an activation step consisting of increasing its porosity and thus its absorbent properties. Its porosity is then 5 times greater and its absorbent properties are multiplied by 10 in comparison to a non-activated charcoal.
In the detoxifying mask, Activated Charcoal frees the skin from impurities and particles of pollution that have accumulated on its surface preventing it from breathing and making the complexion appear dull.

White Clay

White Clay, also called Kaolin, is a mineral that takes its name from the town of Kao-ling (land of high hills) in China, where it was discovered.

It has been known since ancient times, when it was used for its curative properties or for washing linen. The Egyptians even used it in their mummification rituals, owing to its antiseptic and purifying properties. In cosmetics, it is very widely appreciated for its absorbing properties.
Laboratoire NUXE has selected a white clay of mineral origin, in the form of a very fine powder recognised for its softness. In the purifying + smoothing mask it helps to purify and tighten pores, without drying the skin.

NUXE Research

A collection of face masks combining sensoriality with instant effectiveness.

Ingrid Pernet - Director of Scientific Communication, Laboratoire NUXE


Why is it important to use a mask once or twice a week?

Good daily hygiene is essential to taking care of your skin. This involves cleansing and/or removing make-up morning and evening, and applying daily care (lotion, serum, day/night cream, eye cream), but also includes weekly skincare: masks. 
Applied once or twice a week, a mask complements the entire beauty routine with its many benefits: applied in a thick layer and then left on the skin, it promotes improved absorption of active ingredients, and therefore yields more intense, visible results, faster. It is also enriched with specific active ingredients to provide a targeted response to different needs. It also offers a real moment of relaxation and well-being, to help you make the most of all its benefits.

Why launch a collection of masks?

Depending on the textures (gel, cream, changing texture, etc.) and the active ingredients it contains, a mask addresses different needs:

 - The exfoliating + unifying mask with rose water and Macadamia oil helps to remove dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin's surface while providing softness and comfort.
 - The detoxifying + glow mask with Rose Floral Water and Activated Charcoal cleanses the skin to remove impurities and particles of pollution that are preventing it from breathing and making the complexion appear dull.
 - The purifying + smoothing mask with Rose Floral Water and White Clay helps to tighten pores for improved skin quality.
Skin’s needs can vary depending on the weeks, seasons or even areas of the face. For example, a need for purification on the T-zone and boosting of radiance on the cheeks. It is therefore entirely possible to alternate masks or use them at the same time on specific areas to combine their benefits.

How is it possible to achieve visible results in just 2 minutes?

At NUXE, we strive to provide innovative solutions tailored as closely as possible to women’s needs.

With Insta-Masque, our objective was to formulate face masks combining speed, instant effectiveness and pleasure of use in a single product even those with the least time to spare, to enjoy its benefits.

Each Insta-Masque therefore contains Rose Floral Water, recognised historically for its beneficial effects, together with a high-performance active ingredient to provide a targeted and immediate response to a specific need: exfoliation, detoxification, purification.

This challenge has been resolved and proven under dermatological supervision: results are visible in just 2 minutes.

Weekly application of a mask is an ideal opportunity to enjoy a moment just for yourself and bring your skin concentrated effectiveness.

Ingrid Pernet - Director of Scientific Communication, Laboratoire NUXE


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