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Crème Fraîche ® de Beauté

A powerful source of beauty, this range with plant milks and white blossom guarantees
constant hydration for your skin and soothes sensitive skin for 24 hours.

About Crème Fraîche® de beauté


Dehydrated skin results in a loss of suppleness, a dull complexion, and pulling sensations often due to external conditions like wind and pollution.


To take care of dehydrated skin, NUXE Laboratory has developed Crème Fraîche® de Beauté range which provides continuous moisture and soothes sensitive skin for 24 hours.


This range of moisturising care is suitable for all skin types, with a Light Moisturising Cream for combination skin, a Dry Skin Moisturising Cream for dry and very dry skin, and a Moisturising Cream for normal skin.


The Moisturising Serum provides continuous, intense moisture to dehydrated, sensitive skin. This serum soothes the skin and reduces sensations of discomfort and irritation.


Apply the Moisturising Mask once or twice a week to restore moisture to the driest of skins.


Each product of the range leaves your skin fresh with a delicate scent of Orange Blossom

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