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Caring with Face masks: what do they do?

Exfoliating, purifying, detoxifying or moisturising: face masks have become an essential part of our beauty routines! Various kinds are available to suit different skin types and target specific needs.

Why do we need to use masks?

A good beauty routine is essential to taking care of your skin. This involves cleansing and/or removing make-up in the morning and evening, applying daily care products (lotion, serum, day/night cream, eye cream), as well as complementary skincare: masks.

But what exactly are the benefits of face masks and what do they add to your daily skincare routine? A face mask offers the skin maximum benefits in the shortest time, creating a real boosting effect. Applied once or twice a week, a face mask ideally complements your beauty routine and offers 3 key benefits:

  • Applied in a thick layer and then left on the skin, it promotes improved absorption of active ingredients for boosted results that are visible immediately.
  • They contain specially selected ingredients to provide a targeted response to a specific skin need.
  • Finally, beyond a beautifying effect, applying a face mask is an ideal opportunity to relax and enjoy this well-being experience, helping you derive maximum benefit.

What are the different types of mask?

There are many types of mask and different textures too: creams for moisturising and nourishing, gels for a refreshing effect, and even transforming textures that change into an oil when massaged and a milk when rinsed. Depending on their ingredients and texture, face masks offer a targeted response to different needs. For example:
  • Moisturising masks provide an intense moisturising effect while strengthening the skin barrier to limit water loss, leaving skin feeling more comfortable and soothing tugging sensations.
  • Exfoliating masks remove all of the dead skin cells that have accumulated on the skin’s surface and harmonise skin texture, for soft and comfortable skin.
  •  Purifying masks help to remove the excess sebum that makes skin look shiny and unclog the pores for a noticeably smoother finish.
  • Detoxifying masks provide a deep cleansing action to remove all the impurities that are making the complexion appear dull, restoring vitality and radiance.
In short, a face mask is an essential part of your beauty routine to boost skin quality, complement your daily care products and enjoy visible results immediately. On your masks, get set, go!



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