What beauty routine to adopt in summer?

Quelle routine beauté adopter en été ?

Summer means vacations, and that often means swimming pools and beaches! Sun on the skin, hair in the wind and feet in the water: a real pleasure, which can quickly turn into a headache for our skin and hair if we're not careful. To avoid straw mane and crocodile skin at the water's edge, we tell you all about a few beauty gestures to apply before, during and after the beach.

How do I prepare my skin and hair before going to the beach?

The first thing to do before going to the beach is to remember to apply your usual morning routine* before going to the beach. That's right, beach time and sunscreen don't necessarily mean skipping your day cream. Exposed to the sun, skin needs even more care to stay well hydrated before sun protection, so we don't skimp on moisturizing and we apply our eye contourits serum and its moisturizing cream.

And if you want golden skin from day one, apply our self-tanning cream a few days before the beach, on clean, dry, exfoliated skin.

What about the beach?

Then, of course, you apply your sun protection, generously and evenly, to your face and body. SPF50 face and body spray, tanning oil SPF30 sun protection oil, sun tanning cream, sun face cream,  delicious milk SPF30or light fluid SPF50 specially designed for combination skin: there's sure to be a NUXE sun protection product to suit your skin type, sun conditions and personal preferences! And don't forget to reapply your cream every 2 hours, especially after swimming or sweating in the sun.

And because hair can also suffer from the sun, you can also apply a protective treatment like our Protective Milky Hair Oil Nuxe Sun, which protects hair from salt, chlorine and UV rays. Apply just before swimming to preserve your hair while protecting your color. Your hair is moisturized and smoothed, with a summer fragrance of sweet orange and tiare that transports you straight to the beach before you even get there!

After the beach

When you get back from the beach, your hair and skin have been heated up all afternoon and exposed to a cocktail of salt, chlorine, sun and wind: they need to be comforted! Your body and skin need to be rehydrated, both inside and out, so start by drinking water to rehydrate.

Then, to remove grains of sand, particles of salt and chlorine, as well as any leftover sun cream, we move on to the shower for a thorough cleansing of skin and hair. Adopt NUXE Sun After-Sun Hair and Body Shower Shampoo which cleanses and refreshes your skin, while leaving you feeling like you're still on the beach thanks to its notes of sweet orange, tiare and vanilla. Soft skin and light, shiny hair guaranteed!

And to avoid straw-like hair and give it nutrition, softness and repair, you can spray a few spritzes on your hair. of Huile Prodigieuse®. on your ends once your hair is dry, or even apply it as a pre-shampoo mask to all your lengths for intense nourishment and softness.

Finally, to avoid the crocodile-skin effect, moisturize your skin with the NUXE Sun Freshening After-Sun Milk. It's the secret for skin that's overheated after a day in the sun, providing incredible moisturizing freshness thanks to a milk texture that soothes and beautifies the skin. Apply generously after every day in the sun for smooth, moisturized skin and a sublimated, longer-lasting tan.

Extra tip: make a scrub even in summer, to remove dead skin cells and give your skin a longer-lasting tan, while making your skin more beautiful and smoother.

*Morning routine.

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