Infuse your skin with a Nuxe face serum, a concentrate of active ingredients for targeted action that completes the effectiveness of your care ritual.
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Complete the efficiency of your daily beauty routine in Adopting a face serum with powerful benefits. Full of active ingredients that penetrate quickly, the serum optimizes the action of your care by bringing you a maximum hydration, anti-aging or radiance action. Discover The essential Nuxe face serums, real concentrates of benefits for your skin.

What are the Benefits of the face serum?

Face serum is a great and powerful beauty ally, To couple with your day creams and the night range. With its texture fluid and light, concentrated in active ingredients, the face serum prepares your Skin to receive the cream. It is used on a daily basis, in duet with your care hydrating or usual anti-aging of the same range of which It completes the global action. Applied under the Cream, the face serum quickly penetrates the epidermis without leaving a greasy film. The target face serum different needs such as The attenuation of wrinkles and stains, firmness of the skin or the luminosity of the complexion.

Morning and evening, on clean and dry skin, apply a few drops of your face serum between your fingers and spread gently the material on the entire face, from the center to the outside, stretching it up to neck and neckline. Wait about 30 seconds to leave well penetrate the treatment before applying your day or night cream later of the same range.

What serum is Suitable for my skin type?

Face serum can be used whatever your type of skin, whether dry, oily, mixed or normal. Then just Choose specific target needs: hydration, firmness, brilliance, anti-aging, etc ... There is a great diversity of facial serums to choose in depending on your needs.

To blend wrinkles and effects of time, anti-aging concentrates stimulate the youth mechanisms of your skin and you bring an extraordinary efficiency against loss of firmness, wrinkles, fine lines and spots. Dry and weakened skins may turn to nourishing or moisturizing serums, all indicated to protect the skin from external aggressions. Hydration boosters, energizing is also part of the treatments you can choose To take care of your face.

Nuxe serums Varied for targeted action!

Nuxe offers you a varied range of facial serums based on ingredients of natural origin in virtues powerful. Precious vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid, floral complexes and vitamins: so many active ingredients ready to enhance your skin with efficiency. In addition to acting concretely and quickly on the beauty of your Epidermis, our facial serums make you enjoy subtle textures and perfumes for a pleasant application. Transform your daily beauty routine into real moment of well-being thanks to the Nuxe face serums and keep a brilliant skin, Smooth, firm and invigorated.

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