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Treat yourself to a soft break thanks to your Nuxe hand cream. Its texture envelops the skin to give it all its comfort.
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Cream for hands

Wrap your hands with softness thanks to the creams for Nuxe hands, with nourishing and soothing virtues. The two hand creams Honey dream with rich and melting textures nourish and repair areas dry and damaged, while hand cream Nuxuriance Ultra attenuated spots, smooth and plumps the skin.

Why use A hand cream?

Active and permanently solicited, the hands are in first line facing external elements. Water, soap, wind, cold, household products: your hands are Every day facing all kinds of attacks. To keep hands soft, It is important to bring them hydration and nutrition thanks to the use of a hand cream adapted to the needs of your skin. Our hand creams with delicious scents and benefits that preserve the softness and elegance of your hands day after day. Their formulas based on ingredients of natural origin adapt to all skins and protect your hands from external aggressions. Your hands are soft, smooth, silky and delicately scented.

How to choose the Best cream for her hands?

If you have dry or very dry hands, the choice hand -enriched hand cream (shea butter, oils vegetables) will bring you the necessary benefits to relieve tightness sensations and find comfort and candy. Cica Cica cream dreams of Honey with a rich and enveloping texture is also a wise choice in autumn and winter, When the hands are more exposed to cold and wind. For summer or For hands less prone to skin drying, opt for a cream Light to the fluid texture that will bring you hydration and softness.

For mature skin, anti-aging creams and anti-stain allow to lighten the brown spots and to smooth Effectively skin, for hands with younger appearance and skin as a firmed.

Sublimate your hands With our Nuxe creams!

Nuxe offers you several cream formulas nourishing, protective and soothing for your dry, damaged, damaged hands mature or requiring a simple additional hydration. Our hand creams capture the benefits of Entubored nature to pamper your hands in the best way. Enriched with honey, precious vegetable oils or floral extracts, they constitute a career care to be put. As soon as you feel the need, apply a Crème of cream in the hollow of the palms and massage your hands until penetration complete material, by emphasizing dry areas and the outline of Nails. Their delicate perfumes of honey or flowers reveal the beauty of your hands while transforming your Ritual of care at a real moment of escape. Your hands are pleasant to the touch, infinitely soft and more attractive than Never.

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