Night Recovery Oil Balm

Night Recovery Oil Balm

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Discover the delectable oil-balm texture of this product that cloaks the skin in a soft cocoon with no greasy finish.

Instantly moisturize your skin and help it recover while you sleep with this product for all skin types. Skin appears replenished and its energy is restored. In the morning, your features are relaxed, your complexion is fresh and your skin is rested. Night after night, skin’s natural fullness is restored and it appears smoother for 81% of women⁽¹⁾.

For even more pleasure, this balm is infused with a scent combining Jasmine and Lychee on a sensual base of Musk to transform each application into a multi-sensorial moment of pleasure.

To create a formula that is both effective and melting, NUXE research selected an anti-oxidant extract of Jasmine and Macadamia oil.

⁽¹⁾Usage test - 31 volunteers. Satisfaction % after 28 days.

Smoothed skin for
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Relaxed skin for
of women after 28 days
Immediately fresh complexion for
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