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Each Nuxe hair treatment is with softness with a sublimating and delightfully scented capillary ritual.
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Our hair care

Whether damaged, fatty, dry or colored, your hair deserve your full attention. In order to enhance your mane, Nuxe has developed a set of hair care. Discover our solid shampoos, our care after shampoo and our protective oils specially designed for the beauty of your hair.

What routine to adopt to enhance your hair?

To get a perfect mane, you can create a hair care routine adapted to your needs. First, observe the frequency you will need to do your hair treatment. Indeed, it differs from one person to another depending on the nature of the hair and the scalp.

Before the shampoo, you can use a pre-shampoint mask or an oil to nourish and repair your hair intensely.

Then wash your hair with a shampoo adapted to your hair type to get rid of excess sebum, perspiration and accumulated impurities (pollution, dust, etc.) you can add other treatments in order to Hydrate, nourish and strengthen your hair like a conditioner that in addition to that, comes to instantly unravel your hair.

After a good washing routine, apply a few drops of oil to the whole of your hair to protect it from external aggressions. If you have hair that tends to grease quickly, do not apply this treatment only on your lengths to prevent it from accentuating the phenomenon.

If you expose yourself to the sun or use heat styling devices, don't forget to protect your hair with dedicated treatments.

How to apply hair treatment?

Your hair deserve the best. But in addition to acquiring products adapted to your hair type, it is essential to know how to apply your hair care. It all starts with the art of hair washing. Indeed, far from being commonplace, this gesture is an opportunity to take care of yourself and reconnect to your senses.

Start by wet your hair with lukewarm water. Take a hazelnut of product and gently massage your scalp by performing circular movements and by making circular movements. Rinse abundantly until all the foam disappears.

Then apply your conditioner on your damp hair and wrung, insisting on lengths and tips. Ideally leave 1 minute or more then rinse.

Discover our nuxe hair treatments

You will find on our site all the hair care necessary for your beauty routine. Our shampoos, mainly composed of ingredients of natural origin, will leave your hair clean, strong, soft and shiny.

Reveal their potential strength and shine with our Hair Prodigieux® hair range. It offers you an exceptional ritual with fermented oil of pink camellia and sublimates your hair in just 3 steps: pre-shampoo mask, shampoo and detangling. Nourished and intensely repaired, your hair returns to softness and turn into a real reflection material.

Protect your hair from daily external aggressions thanks to Prodigieuse® oil. To use the latter, simply apply a few drops to lengths and points as often as necessary.

In summary, the hair care offered by Nuxe takes particularly care of your hair while leaving behind a pleasant perfume. Thanks to your hair care routine, you no longer tire of caressing your hair as it is soft and easy to style.

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