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Start every day with a Nuxe day cream infused with powerful natural ingredients to meet the needs of all skins.
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Cream by day

Ally 1 ally of your care routine, Day cream is essential to preserve the beauty and radiance of your skin. Bring them benefits he needs by choosing from our Day creams with ingredients of natural origin to display visibly beautiful skin every day and brilliant.

Why use A day cream?

The day cream is composed in moisturizing assets to help preserve the beauty and youth of your skin. It brings him the hydration in the first place necessary which allows to maintain its firmness, to prevent wrinkles and to slow down premature skin aging. Applied every morning after Cleaning and before laying makeup, the day cream protects your skin, reveals its brilliance and prepares it to face the day. A day cream can be enriched with moisturizing active ingredients, in natural active ingredients chosen for Their anti-aging skin efficiency, but also in comforting and softening active ingredients such as honey and vegetable oils. She allows your skin to stay soft, smooth and unified every day, and thus participates in your well-being.

How to choose the right His day cream?

There are day creams to meet each need. Whether you have normal, dry, oily skin, Mixed, mature or sensitive, day creams make it possible to hydrate, nourish, mattify or sublimate your skin. It is therefore important to know precisely the nature of your skin and its specific needs for choosing a day cream adapted.

Light textures fluid and gel are recommended For skin with mixed tendency or Grasse that require good hydration without nutritious excess. The textures Balm, richer, are suitable for dry and sensitive skin, their providing comfort and appeasement. Between the two, there are ideal creams for hydration of normal skins without specific need.

The choice of your ideal day cream also depends on your age. If a light cream generally suffices between 25 and 35 years old, The adoption of a richer cream is important thereafter to fight Against the natural dryness of the skin. Anti-aging day creams are to them advised as soon as the first signs of Age.

Discover creams Nuxe day adapted to your face!

Discover the Nuxe day creams that provide your skin Intense well-being day after day. Nuxe offers you a wide choice of day creams For women and for men, with moisturizing, comforting, fortifying, radiance and many others. For mixed skins, sensitive, dry, normal or mature, our day creams accompany you day after day to help fight dehydration, imperfections, Visible effects of age, dull complexion and thus reveal your beauty. Real skin care, our day creams also awaken your senses thanks to their melting textures and their delicious scents, transforming your daily routine into a soft ritual and soothing. Take advantage of this moment every day to apply your cream day with delicacy and testify to your skin all the love you wear.

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