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Find a fresh complexion by adding to your weekly beauty ritual an exfoliation or a Nuxe face mask targeting the needs of your skin.
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Preserve the radiance of your complexion thanks to the Nuxe face masks. In addition to your routine Face care, treat yourself to a fresh and radiant complexion by opting for a mask Face or an exfoliating Nuxe face that corresponds to your needs of the moment.

Discover all Nuxe Face Masks with multiple benefits.

What are the Benefits of our face masks?

Our face masks are integrated into your routine To participate in the beauty of your skin. To be used in a occasional way in depending on the needs of your epidermis, they bring you the supplement of hydration required or you rid toxins to reveal all the brilliance and freshness of your Teint. Destined for be applied in a thick layer for a while, they bring a "Boost" effect for an immediate effect. Based on original ingredients natural, our masks for the face draw their virtues at the heart of nature to enhance your beauty effectively And very gently.

The face mask is To be used once or twice a week. Its pleasant texture and its perfume delicate make this moment a real wellness parenthesis, a moment for oneself to enjoy.

How to choose the right His face mask?

Hydrate, Purify, detoxify, smooth, clean, unify or bring radiance, so many Reasons to enrich your beauty routine with a face mask. Choose the one who meets your needs of the moment, depending on your skin type, but also of its seasonal variations.

In winter, the skin tends to dry out faster. The application of a facial mask with moisturizing properties and soothing allows you to find skin More flexible, less torn. Against dull complexion, exfoliating masks are suitable for clean the pores in depth, rid them of dead cells and pollution residues. If you have mixed skin at fat, the use of a purifying mask you will help regain clear, smooth and matified.

What are the Different types of Nuxe for the face?

Nuxe you offers a varied range of original ingredients in original ingredients natural, Virtues, to various textures and scents.

Detoxifying, purifying, smoothing, unifying or Exfoliant: they target the different skin issues to enhance your skin. Some combine several benefits, such as masks that are both exfoliating and unifying, designed To smooth the skin texture and illuminate the complexion.

Gel mask or Cream, Floral or Hesperidée scent: succumb to texture and perfume which will transform your beauty routine into a real moment of pleasure.

You have no time to waste in the room bath ? Opt for an instant face mask: 2 minutes of installation Sufficient to find a fresh and bright complexion.

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