How to choose my day cream?

Comment choisir ma crème de jour ?

A protective barrier between the skin and the outside world, day cream is THE essential part of any beauty routine. Skin has very specific needs, which can vary with the seasons or with age: it's essential to identify them correctly, so as to be able to provide an appropriate skincare response. But how do you choose the right day cream? 

Step 1: choose the right texture for me!

Light or rich texture? To meet your skin's needs, it's essential to choose a day cream that's adapted to your skin type ! Oily and combination skins need a gel or fluid cream that provides moisture and leaves the skin feeling light. With normal skin, anything goes! Simply choose a texture that provides immediate comfort. If you have dry skin, opt for a creamy, nourishing care to give your skin what it needs to glow and limit feelings of discomfort.

Step 2: Identify your major concern

Does your skin feel tight at times, lacks radiance and do you notice fine lines in places? If so, you need a moisturizing cream. L'hydration is the No. 1 need for all skin types, even for combination and oily skin. It's a good reflex for beautiful skin every day.

Over time, moisturizing needs to be complemented by a targeted anti-aging action. Are the first signs of aging appearing? Adopt a day cream Prodigieuse® Boost day cream to fill up on antioxidant active ingredients and restore your skin's radiance. Do you need to correct wrinkles and firmness? Visit Merveillance LIFT collection offers two day care products infused with ultra-corrective Micro-algae Oil to satisfy all skin types.

Thanks to ALFA [3R] technologyday creams Nuxuriance Ultra day creams deliver a more effective overall anti-aging action than retinol. Your skin is resurfaced, regenerated and revitalized. For dry skin weakened by aging, Nuxuriance Gold provides essential nutrition to firm and plump your skin.

Step 3: Complete your routine

Applying a day cream is the first step towards radiant skin. For a complete skincare ritual, consider adding a serum. With the Super Serum [10], the universal anti-aging concentrateyou can't go wrong! This treatment with natural hyaluronic acid is infused with thousands of fractionated Plant Oil micro-beads. It corrects wrinkles and spots, and improves skin firmness. If you're looking for a serum bursting with antioxidants, discover the Sérum Eclat Vitaminé Prodigieuse® Boost . Visit Firming Activating Oil-Serum, Merveillance Lift with ultra-corrective Micro-Algae Oil firms skin, leaving it smooth, supple and toned. For an all-round anti-aging action targeting brown spots, trust the Spot Corrector Serum, Nuxuriance Ultra with ALFA [3R] technology, more effective than retinol 1

The eye contour is the second expert skincare product to complement your day cream. This very fragile area tends to mark more quickly with age. Puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles set in, and the eyes lose their radiance. Your eye contour can act on one or more of these problems.

To round off your day, enjoy a privileged moment with a night cream night cream. It provides a sensation of immediate comfort, as well as expert active ingredients tailored to your skin's needs.

Your day cream is the core of your beauty ritual. The right care for your skin type and its concerns is the key to preserving its beauty. Serum, eye contour and night cream complete its action.

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