Moisturizing Rich Cream l 48h

Moisturizing Rich Cream l 48h

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Discover the delectable pleasure of this cream enriched with Plant Milk, Sweet Almond Oil and Botanical Butters (Shea and Moringa).

It boosts moisturizing for 48 hours* and nourishes your dry skin with no oily effect.

Sensations of discomfort and tugging are reduced for immediate soothing. Skin looks fresher, the complexion is luminous and radiant. Its formula respects the skin microbiome for a healthy-looking skin that is full of vitality.

100%⁽¹⁾ of women are convinced by its 100% pleasurable moisturizing power.

Skin looks more beautiful, is immediately nourished and comforted for 100%⁽²⁾ of women.

Its extraordinary butter texture melts instantly on contact with the heat of your skin and envelops it in its nourishing properties and an inimitable scent with fresh and soothing notes.

This product also contains a Red Algae extract with a moisturizing action similar to hyaluronic acid for a formula that boosts moisturizing over time for proven effectiveness up to 48h​⁽³⁾.

⁽¹⁾ Usage test - 22 volunteers - satisfaction % immediately and after 28 days.
⁽²⁾Usage test - 22 volunteers - satisfaction % immediately after application.
​⁽³⁾48-hour moisturizing: instrumental test - 10 volunteers.
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