DEODORANT BALM I Sensitive Skin 24H

DEODORANT BALM I Sensitive Skin 24H

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Discover an intuitive step with this certified ORGANIC solid deodorant combining an absorbent botanical powder with an ORGANIC botanical oil.

It offers you 24-hour⁽¹⁾ deodorant effectiveness together with a skincare action. Formulated specially for sensitive skin, it is applied easily with a fingertip, like a cream, and envelops your skin in a pleasant nourishing sensation. It does not leave any marks.

Its powdery balm texture with a dry finish diffuses a comforting scent of Orange Blossom.

⁽¹⁾ Clinical test.
Skin respected for
of women after 21 days
Non-sticky texture for
of women as soon as
Anti-white streaks for
of women as soon as
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