Men's beauty routine: Why do they need specific skin care?

Routine beauté homme : pourquoi ont-ils besoin de soins de la peau spécifiques ?

Men also need to take care of their skin, both in terms of comfort and appearance.  .  Skin hydration, shaving and aftershave, anti-aging care for men: find out all you need to know about men's beauty and well-being essentials. 

The specificities of men's skin

You may not have thought about it, but men don't have the same skin as women. That's why they need skincare products specifically designed to meet these biological characteristics.

  • Thicker, collagen-rich skin

Men's skin is on average 20% thicker than women's! This is due to the greater presence of collagen in their dermis. This protein is essential for skin maintenance and firmness. In women, too, collagen production declines over time, but their skin remains thicker. The effects of skin aging are seen later.

  • Greater sebum production

Men also have oilier skin. This is due to the greater presence of testosterone in their bodies. This hormone directly influences the activity of the sebaceous glands that produce sebum. Men are therefore particularly prone to dilated pores and the appearance of imperfections. The T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) is mainly affected. A man's beauty routine therefore needs to include skincare products that hydrate the skin while limiting shine.

On the other hand, this is an advantage for men's anti-aging concerns. Sebum is a substance produced to reinforce skin protection. Not only are they less likely to suffer from skin dryness, but they are also less sensitive to external aggressions that can accelerate skin aging (pollution, wind, cold).

  • Less hormonal disruption

Although collagen production declines with age in men, it does so steadily. For women, the menopause marks a turning point. Estrogen secretion slows drastically. One of its roles is to stimulate the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Skin becomes thinner, less supple and toned. Men do not undergo such a hormonal change in their lives.

  • The question of hair growth

It's impossible to discuss the differences between men's and women's skin without mentioning hair. Men's faces are much hairier. Shaving generates significant skin stress, requiring a specific aftershave beauty routine to avoid irritation. 

Shaving, a sensitive area

Men's beauty routines often include a daily shave. Unfortunately for them, this habit can quickly lead to a host of inconveniences. The passage of the blade not only cuts the hair, it also damages the skin's protective film. Repetitive friction tends to cause irritation and redness, and skin becomes dry. This is even more the case for men who use the blade against the direction of hair growth.

Irritation and overheating can also occur if the blade is used too roughly. Once this stage is complete, ingrown hairs can cause further irritation. Shave or aftershave: the choice of skin care product is crucial to limit the damage caused by shaving. Shaving foam must be able to create a protective film to limit friction. An aftershave treatment soothes razor burn and moisturizes the skin.







A complete men's beauty routine with NUXE Men

To meet men's needs for beauty and well-being, NUXE has created a range dedicated to men. With NUXE Men, they have access to expert skincare specially developed for their skin. To make every moment of their ritual a moment of pleasure, the NUXE laboratory has chosen light, non-sticky textures. Their fragrance of sparkling citrus notes is underscored by resolutely masculine spicy and woody scents.

  • Shower gel and deodorant, the essential hygiene duo

The Nuxe men's beauty routine begins with the Multi-Purpose Shower Gel a 3-in-1 shower gel with oak and hornbeam extracts. It gently cleanses face, body and hair! Then apply your Deodorant protection 24h anti-stain and anti-trace deodorant. It keeps you fresh all day long.

  • Shaving and aftershave

For this delicate moment in a man's beauty routine, Laboratoire NUXE has developed Dream shave . This anti-irritation gel transforms into a dense foam for a precise, irritation-free shave. Then apply the Multi-Function After-Shave Balm another smart skin care product. Its formula soothes, reinforces skin hydration and reduces signs of fatigue or stress.

  • Hydration and anti-aging for men

Complete your men's beauty ritual with three treatments bursting with active ingredients that combine effectiveness with pleasure.

Thanks to this anti-aging fluid, skin looks younger day after day. This anti-aging skin care revitalizes, firms and smoothes wrinkles, while restoring radiance to the complexion.

Despite high sebum production, men's skin also needs daily hydration. This non-comedogenic gel provides an immediate sensation of comfort. Thanks to its formula containing hyaluronic acid, skin feels energized. Perfectly moisturized, it doesn't shine, and even oily areas are matified.

Don't have time to waste applying your face care products? In a single gesture, fight puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles! This cream contains oak and baobab extracts, caffeine and vitamin E. The result is a decongested eye contour, less marked by time and fatigue.

Cleansing, moisturizing, anti-aging, shaving and aftershave: men's beauty requires a special approach. With the NUXE Men beauty routine, our Laboratory meets their specific needs. These effective treatments offer a complete beauty ritual that's easy to implement, thanks to multi-functional formulas. Resist no longer! 

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