Which hair routine to adopt?

Quelle routine capillaire adopter ?

With the Hair Prodigieux® collection, NUXE invites you to experience a sublimating hair routine. Our laboratory has developed 4 treatments for a ritual that meets the needs of ALL hair types. Fall in love with the deliciously scented, beneficial textures of this hair routine that reveals light and softness. 

Fermented Camellia Rose Oil, an active ingredient with sublimating power

With this hair innovation, NUXE puts its expertise in plant oils to work for your lengths. Pink Camellia Oil has been used for centuries by geishas to care for their hair. It is renowned for its nourishing benefits. NUXE research has selected a cold-pressed oil whose virtues are boosted by a fermentation process.

Camellia Rose Fermented Oil contains an active ingredient with a repairing effect comparable to ceramides, lipids naturally present in the hair fiber that ensure cohesion between the scales. Thanks to its finer texture, it connects with hair to provide 2 times more nutrition and repair. The sublimating power of Fermented Camellia Rose Oil is used in all 4 Hair Prodigieux® formulas, without silicone or sulfates. The results of the Hair Prodigieux® routine are spectacular: 94% of testers find their hair supple, 93% find it moisturized and 92% find it silky to the touch!

The NUXE 4-step hair routine

The NUXE hair routine is both effective and ultra-sensorial. To accompany you through this interlude, we've chosen the addictive fragrance of the iconic Huile Prodigieuse®. Each hair treatment envelops your lengths with notes of Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla, then diffuses its sun-kissed scent with every movement you make.

  • Nutrition Mask: the new pre-shampoo gesture

Forget hair masks after shampooing: with NUXE, the hair routine begins with this moment of intense care. And why? Simply because hair oils have a greater affinity with dry hair fiber. Treat your lengths to a nourishing bath with restorative action thanks to Pre-Shampoo Nutrition Mask . Prepare a tea and leave on for 10-30 minutes before rinsing and moving on to the next stage of your hair routine.

  • Gentle washing

Spread the melting milk texture of the Mirror Shine Shampoo over your hair, then gently massage into your head. A light lather forms, diffusing the fragrance of Huile Prodigieuse®. This gentle shampoo eliminates impurities and nourishes without weighing hair down. After rinsing, your hair is left shiny and silky.

  • Light, radiant length with Mirror Shine Detangler

Is using your hairbrush or detangling comb always a hassle? There's no need to search for detangling techniques for easy brushing, simply apply the Mirror Shine Detangler . 90% of users find their hair easy to detangle from the very first use! Apply to damp, towel-dried hair, concentrating on lengths and ends. Leave in for one minute to release its repairing power, then rinse for nourished, sheathed hair that's easy to detangle.

  • La Crème, the intense leave-in treatment

The final step in the NUXE hair routine is the application of La crème, Intense No-Rinse Nutrition Hair Care . It adds the finishing touch to your addictive shine and softness ritual. Its nourishing and repairing formula protects hair from the heat of heated appliances. Use your hairdryer or straightener with complete peace of mind, as the thermo-protective action of this treatment is effective up to 220°C. You can use it every day on towel-dried or dry hair to facilitate styling and enhance your hair without weighing it down.

Combining Camellia Rose Fermented Oil with its legendary fragrance, Hair Prodigieux® transforms your hair routine. Throughout the ritual, this hair oil diffuses its nourishing and repairing benefits to catch the light and reveal the natural shine of your lengths. 

[1]  Instrumental test on strands. Comparison between unfermented and fermented camellia oil.

 [2]  free of sulfated surfactants.

 [3]  Pre-Shampoo Nutrition Mask, Mirror Shine Shampoo, Mirror Shine Detangler.

 [4]  Consumer test on 105 volunteers. % satisfaction immediately after using the routine.

 [5]  Use test - 21 women - % satisfied immediately after application.

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