Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R]: Dare to innovation anti-aging more effective than retinol!

Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R] : Osez l'innovation anti-âge plus efficace que le rétinol !

Backed by over 30 years of Research, the NUXE laboratory offers Nuxuriance Ultra the ultimate renaissance and reveals a cutting-edge innovation: ALFA [3R] TECHNOLOGY⁽²⁾. A unique technology more effective than retinol (1) . 

Global anti-aging to fight the main signs of aging

As we age, our skin changes: cell renewal diminishes, wrinkles appear and collagen and elastin production drops.

Skin slackens, loses firmness and wrinkles deepen. Over time, melanocytes become scarcer. Skin becomes more sensitive to UV rays, and pigmentation spots appear.

That's why Nuxe has developed Alfa [3R] technology. (2) technology with powerful anti-aging active ingredients in its Nuxuriance Ultra skincare products to combat and correct these skin changes.

Alfa [3R]⁽²⁾ technology: a new era in global anti-aging

Nuxuriance Ultra reveals an exclusive, ultra-powerful technology: Alfa Technology [3R]. (2) . At the heart of this innovation is a trio of ingredients of natural origin offering a global anti-aging correction more effective than retinol on the main signs of aging (1) .

Proven in in vitro testing: Alfa [3R] Technology (2) technology exceeds retinol's efficacy on 3 levels of action in the skin:

- R]EVITALIZES: to awaken skin activity.

- R]EGENERATES: to activate skin renewal.

- R]ESURFACE: to smooth the skin's surface.

In addition to being more effective than retinol (1) technology, Alfa [3R] (2) technology has been designed to suit all skin types, with no need for specific precautions.

Although retinol is renowned for its anti-aging properties, its use is not without its limitations. In fact, this active ingredient of synthetic origin, with its exfoliating action and unsuitable for sensitive skin, can cause irritation, redness and feelings of dryness. As a result, skin becomes thinner and more sensitive to the sun, making it necessary to apply UV protection on a daily basis.

With Alfa [3R] Technology (2) Technology, NUXE offers a gentler alternative to retinol of natural origin. Nuxuriance ultra Alfa [3R] skin care products are dermatologically tested. (2) skincare products are dermatologically tested for optimal tolerance and do not require specific sun protection. 

Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R]⁽²⁾, proven effectiveness

Thanks to this exclusive new technology, Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R] (2) defies the main signs of aging: wrinkles, firmness, sagging, radiance, for visibly younger-looking skin.

Immediately, skin is toned (3) After just one month, skin feels 90% tauter. (4) and firmer for 96% of women. (4) .

9 out of 10 women would choose Nuxuriance Ultra Alfa [3R]. (2) . What about you? (5) 

A technology with global anti-aging properties more powerful than retinol⁽¹⁾ in 6 face care products

 Anti-aging, anti-dark spot serum  : Enriched with Vitamin C, this serum helps reduce the appearance of pigmentation spots while bringing radiance to the complexion. 86% (6) of users find their skin more even after 2 weeks of use.

 Targeted eye & lip care  This 2-in-1 treatment for the eye and lip contours smoothes expression lines in the eyes and smile. After 2 months, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced: -29% of wrinkles in the crow's feet area, -33% of wrinkles in the upper lip area. (7) .

 Global anti-aging cream  Its unctuous texture with a non-oily finish makes it an all-round anti-ageing ally for all skin types. With this cream, the appearance of wrinkles is reduced and facial features appear tauter for 90% of women. (4) .

 Rich global anti-aging cream  The richer texture of this cream for dry to very dry skin provides instant comfort. Skin is revitalized for 86% of women (8) of users in the 1st week.

 Global anti-aging cream spf 30  A 2-in-1 cream with dual anti-aging action and SPF30 protection against the effects of UVA/UVB rays. It prevents cutaneous ageing and provides 91% toned skin. (9) of users.

Global anti-aging night cream The night cream repairs and regenerates skin overnight. In one month, 80% of (10) of users found their skin revitalized. After two months, it gains 38%. (11) in firmness.

Effective for the body too

 Firming body lotion  This Body Lotion targets areas of skin slackening for a triple effect: lifting, sheathing and reshaping. After one month, 94% of (12) of users found their skin smoother, and 88% of (12) found their skin firmer.

Spot-correcting hand care This global anti-aging hand cream with stabilized vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of blemishes. Hands look more uniform and even for 85% of the time. (13) of users.

(1) In vitro test.

(2) Alfa Technology [3R] = Alfalfa extract + Hyaluronic Acid + Hemerocallis fulva extract. Present in the range's face care products.

(3) Use test - 21 volunteers. % satisfied immediately after using Global Anti-Aging Cream.

(4) Use test - 21 volunteers. % satisfied after 28 days' use of Global Anti-Aging Cream.

(5) Use test - 21 volunteers after 56 days' use of Global Anti-Aging Cream.

(6) Use test - 21 volunteers. % satisfaction after 2 weeks.

(7) Use test - 31 volunteers. % improvement assessed by a dermatologist after 56 days.

(8) Use test - 21 volunteers. % satisfaction after 7 days.

(9) Use test - 22 volunteers. % satisfaction after 28 days.

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