Sunbathing oil, the ally for golden and protected skin

L’huile bronzante, l’alliée pour une peau dorée et protégée

As soon as the warm weather returns, it's hard to resist the pleasure of the sun's caressing rays on the skin. Essential for the synthesis of vitamin D, the sun doesn't just have its virtues. When you're exposed to it, sun protection is crucial to keeping your skin healthy. With Tanning Oil, enjoy irresistible care for golden, protected skin. 

Oil, the sun protection pleasure

Protecting your skin from sun exposure not only helps prevent sunburn, but also premature skin aging. Overexposure can not only cause burns, but also damage cellular DNA. The free radicals created by UVA and UVB rays create oxidative stress. The skin tends to lose its firmness sooner, tissues slacken, wrinkles and spots appear.

The application of a sun protection product adapted to your phototype is a simple gesture to prevent these inconveniences. There are several melting textures to choose from, but tanning oil offers a very special sensorial pleasure. Its light formula nourishes the skin without leaving a greasy film. In a single gesture, you protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays, while enhancing your tan with a satin finish. The NUXE laboratory has chosen a fragrance combining sweet orange with tiare flower and vanilla. The skin is adorned with notes evocative of escape, a fragrance inviting you to enjoy the delights of summer.

How to choose your sun protection?

Not all skin types need the same sun protection. To make the right choice, take into account your phototype and the intensity of the sun. That's why NUXE has developed a range of sun tanning oils with SPF 10, SPF 30 or SPF 50. These body and face tanning oils provide broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Their patented filtering system combines three organic filters with two esters. Their formulas, enriched with rice and rosemary extracts, act as a cellular protector to prevent the effects of photoaging. Your skin is golden, your tan magnified.

L' Low Protection Tanning Oil SF10 is suitable for dark skins in weak sunlight. People with fairly sun-resistant skin can use it when the sun's intensity is low to moderate.

L' High Protection Tanning Oil SPF 30 is designed for sun-sensitive skin with low to moderate sun exposure. People with intermediate phototypes can wear this tanning oil when the sun is strong. Finally, if you have fairly sun-resistant skin, this sun protection is suitable for very sunny conditions.

L' High Protection Tanning Oil SPF 50 This UVA/UVB protection allows very sun-sensitive skin to be exposed to any level of sunlight. To ensure your sunscreen provides optimum protection, follow these tanning tips:

  • Apply your tanning oil generously;

  • Reapply every two hours, but also after swimming or toweling off;

  • Avoid exposure to the sun in the middle of the day;

  • Remember that your sun oil does not provide 100% protection. Hydrate regularly, wear a hat and sunglasses, and take breaks in the shade.

Protect and enhance your lengths with milky hair oil

L' Moisturizing Protective Milky Oil has been designed to care for your lengths. This ultra-light, non-greasy mist provides triple protection: UV, salt and chlorine. Its two-phase formula combines organic coconut oil with jojoba oil. It contains panthenol and two organic UVB and UVA sunscreens. It diffuses NUXE Sun's delicious signature fragrance into your hair, protecting your color and leaving your lengths nourished and soft.

Why choose Nuxe for your tanning oil?

Wondering why the best sun oil is NUXE SUN? We give you four good reasons to choose it:

  • Suncare oils that combine innovation and pleasure

With NUXE Sun, sun protection is also a moment of beauty. The formulas provide enhanced cellular anti-aging protection thanks to antioxidant extracts combined with our patented NUXE... filtering system. This system is effective against UVB, short UVA and long UVA rays. On average, our tanning oils offer twice the UVA protection required by European regulations (in-vitro test). Our formulas are non-comedogenic for face and body tanning protection adapted to all skin types.

  • Environmentally-friendly formulas

To develop its sun protection products, NUXE is committed to a continuous improvement process aimed at reducing its environmental footprint. With NUXE, your tanning oil offers a perfect balance between naturalness, efficacy, sensoriality and safety. All our suncare products are formulated without controversial filters. They have been tested under marine conditions on algae, bacteria and coral representative of aquatic life to limit the impact on the marine environment.

  • Innovative packaging

Limiting our impact on the environment also means offering innovative packaging. With the ON/OFF system, your sunscreen bottle no longer needs a cap! You'll never risk losing it in the wild again. Moisturizing Protective Milky Hair Oil retains its cap, but the bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic.

With Tanning Oil, enjoy a summer beauty product that provides effective protection against UVA and UVB rays. For golden, protected skin, choose your face and body tanning oil according to your phototype and sun exposure. Follow our application tips and enjoy the summer! 

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