Tanning Sun Oil Low Protection SPF10 face and body

Tanning Sun Oil Low Protection SPF10 face and body

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Protect your face and body from the sun’s rays while enhancing your tan thanks to an exclusive patented filter system⁽¹⁾.

This Tanning Sun Oil low protection SPF10 for the face and body provides wide-spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Its reinforced anti-aging cellular protection⁽²⁾ prevents premature photo-aging of the skin. Its water-resistant and non-comedogenic formula is suitable for all skin types.

Its irresistible texture nourishes the skin and is rapidly absorbed with no oily film. It envelops the skin in an evocative holiday scent, a real invitation to enjoy that summer feeling. Your tan looks sublime with an amazing satiny finish, your senses are captivated by its notes of Sweet Orange, Tiare Flower and Vanilla.

⁽¹⁾Combination of 3 sunscreens and 2 esters.
⁽²⁾In vitro test: average result X2 across all NUXE SUN protection products in comparison with the requirements of European regulations.

Sublime tanning for
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Natural, even tan for
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Nourished, intensely moisturized skin for
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