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Dehydrated skin: what can you do?

It’s not always easy to have beautiful skin, but there are some very simple rules you can follow every day to help you along the way! First of all, as moisturising is the no. 1 need for all skin types, beautiful skin needs daily hydration. When skin lacks water it becomes dehydrated, marks more easily and signs of ageing start to appear: fine dehydration lines become visible on the skin’s surface, your skin feels uncomfortable and you might notice occasional tugging sensations (especially after cleansing with water), but not all the time, unlike dry skin.

N.B.: skin is particularly susceptible to dehydration in urban environments and all skin types can be affected. So it’s entirely possible to have both oily and dehydrated skin!

What is the ideal routine for dehydrated skin?

For smooth, plump and radiant skin, it is essential to moisturise daily using a suitable product for your skin type. Water is the source of life, it is vital for our body and skin. It preserves the cell balance and maintains correct moisture levels. To keep your skin ideally hydrated at all levels, you can choose from different moisturising products depending on your skin’s needs. For example, the Aquabella® Beauty-Revealing Moisturising Emulsion for a perfecting and moisturising effect or, for long-lasting moisturising and an anti-pollution action, the Crème fraîche® de Beauté moisturising cream.

Pollution and particles of heavy metals in the air also contribute to skin dehydration, in particular in cities. To help counteract the dehydrating effects of pollution on your skin, protect it with ‘shielding’ face care, such as the Crème Fraîche® de Beauté range to soothe your skin and protect it from pollution.



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