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What is a dry oil?

With its non-greasy finish, numerous benefits and in many cases multiple uses, dry oil has become an essential product that we all need in our bathrooms! But what exactly is it, how do you use it and what benefits does it offer the skin and hair?

Nourish, repair and soften your skin with no greasy finish.

The new must-have care product, a dry oil is a blend of different oils offering faster absorption in comparison with a traditional oil and leaving no greasy finish on the skin.

Combining the powers of botanical oils with a dry-touch texture is a real galenic achievement and the formula of NUXE’s Huile Prodigieuse® is an inimitable and closely guarded secret.

It provides all the benefits of its constituent oils, leaving only a satiny veil in its wake. It is an ideal solution for busy women who don’t like putting clothes on after applying a sticky moisturiser in the morning!

Botanical oils and mineral oils: what’s the difference?

Botanical oils are natural-origin oils. They are obtained by cold- or hot-pressing, from seeds and kernels, or by maceration of plants. Each oil has its own specific benefits: nourishing argan oil, moisturising macadamia oil, softening and soothing sweet almond oil, balancing jojoba oil… It is also possible to combine different oils to meet specific needs and work in synergy for even greater effectiveness.

Although minerals are originally derived from nature, mineral oils are synthetic ingredients obtained using complex chemical or physical transformation processes which modify their structure. They have the specific feature of being inert: they form a film on the skin’s surface,

As they do not penetrate deep within the skin, they have no real ‘care’ action in comparison to botanical oils. They are also less environmentally friendly as they are obtained from non-renewable natural resources.

For our iconic Huile Prodigieuse® dry oil, NUXE chose to combine seven 100% botanical oils with multiple recognised benefits for the face, body and hair. The oils are extracted by cold-pressing to guarantee their quality and high content of active ingredients.

What skin type and purpose are they suitable for?

Whether your skin is normal, dry, sensitive or combination, dry oil is the daily ally of all skin types. It can be used at any age*, all year round. It is applied to the face, body and hair: apply directly to your body and face, mix a few drops with your day cream or apply as a mask before shampooing your hair. Dry oil is the ultimate multi-purpose and multi-functional care product.




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