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How can you care for your body in 3 steps?

Accepting yourself as you are, breaking free from rules and conventions and, most importantly, being kind to yourself and your body at all times: these are principles of the body positive movement that has emerged on social media in recent years. And while self-care does involve looking after your body, above all, it means learning to love it exactly as it is, with all its little imperfections.

To encourage women (and men!) to be kinder to themselves and practise self-care, NUXE has developed an entire range of skincare with a green tea extract to celebrate and beautify the body while soothing the mind with a fresh and invigorating scent. For a healthy mind in a healthy body: follow our guide!*

The ideal routine to care for your body.

NUXE Body Rêve de Thé is a range of body care with a difference. These moisturising2 products with ultra-sensorial textures infused with a green tea extract are designed to encourage you to care for yourself, look after your skin and revitalise your mind. In short: the perfect self-care package for body and mind! Not forgetting its fresh and irresistible scent, with sparkling notes of green tea, fresh herbs and rhubarb that immediately transport you on a sensory voyage to the heart of a floral garden. A timeless moment of well-being for all your senses!

1. A revitalising shower: daily ritual.

The first step in the Nuxe Body Rêve de Thé well-being ritual: the ultra-sensorial Shower Gel with its botanical cleansing base and a green tea extract with softening properties. It is the perfect everyday ally to revitalise body and mind and gently cleanse the skin. You’re sure to love its melting texture with an irresistible scent of green Tea which becomes a fine foam when massaged.

Complete your routine with the Exfoliating Scrub once or twice a week. The granular texture of this ultra-refreshing product will smooth and invigorate your skin while its irresistible scent with notes of green tea, rhubarb and fresh herbs will delight your senses! An ultra-refreshing cocktail for body and mind, with a green Tea extract and Bamboo seeds to leave your skin feeling like new!

2. Moisturising and firming.

After awakening the body and senses with a revitalising shower, it’s time for an essential skincare step: moisturising! This is just as important for your body as for your face, and our moisturising Body Lotion will provide hydration and softness beyond even your wildest dreams. Its silky texture infused with a green Tea extract and a 100% natural-origin sugar complex provides unparalleled 24-hr4 moisturising effectiveness. Bonus: its captivating scent gives your senses a daily revitalising boost.

For those in search of a firming action and a creamy texture, the Firming Body Cream is an ideal choice. Combining a firming action on the skin with a soothing effect on the mind, its ‘ice cube effect’ texture will beautify your body with a firming duo of green Tea extract and Rye extract, creating an uplifting tingle and an immediate toning sensation!

3. Irresistible freshness.

Shower and moisturising: tick. Next step: stay fresh even under pressure, with the fluid texture and revitalising green Tea scent of the roll-on Fresh Feel Deodorant. An ‘intelligent’ technology that adapts to your skin’s needs provides 24-hour5 deodorant effectiveness and day-long peace of mind with a streak-free formulation.

And, for the perfect finishing touch to your beauty routine, apply the Exalting Fragrant Water, a delectable fresh and revitalising fragrance with a green tea extract to boost your senses with irresistible notes of Rhubarb, Green Tea and fresh Herbs. A real feel-good concentrate!

In short, NUXE Body Rêve de Thé is a body care range that offers a holistic treat while caring for your most precious and unique possession: your body. How can you resist?

1 Body positive.
2Except Revitalising Granular Scrub. Exalting Fragrant Water, Fresh-Feel Deodorant | 24-hr, Revitalising Shower Gel.
4Instrumental test – 10 volunteers.
5Clinical test.



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