Night cream

Take advantage of your sleep to pamper your skin with a night cream with the enveloping texture. You will love your skin when you wake up!
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Cream by night

Promote the natural regeneration process of your skin by applying your Nuxe night cream before bedtime. Concentrated in chosen active ingredients for their moisturizing and anti-aging efficiency, it Prepare your skin to reveal its radiance from the Next morning. Night after night, your skin radiates and can face the day with serenity.

What are the Benefits of a night cream?

Exposed all day to external elements such as the sun, wind, makeup and pollution, the skin of the face enters recovery phase during our sleep. To help him in his process of skin cell renewal, the use of a night cream is essential. The composition of the night cream is often more concentrated and richer than that of a day care, bringing targeted assets to the skin to help him regenerate optimal. The night is, in fact, a moment favorable to nourish and hydrate intensely and bring to the skin a complement of assets with anti-aging efficiency. Thus sustained, your skin is able to reveal all its radiance from the awakening. Day cream in protection and night cream in recovery, they work in harmony to take care of the skin, each playing their role at timely moments.

What night cream Choose according to your skin?

Nuxe night creams are available in different formulas to respond to needs of all skins. To boost the hydration of your epidermis And fighting the first signs of age, night creams with antioxidant active ingredients are ideal. This type of cream is recommended From the age of 25 to preserve the youth of the skin and wear each morning a fresh and rested complexion.

Firming night creams offer a skin a complementary care to optimize skin regeneration and mitigate Signs of age. From 35 years old, the use of this type of night cream allows correct wrinkles, firm, and smooth for rested skin and deflected upon waking up.

If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, you need From a night cream to the balm texture, rich in moisturizing active ingredients, soothing and repairers.

Mature skin will turn to night creams at global anti-aging action, signed in repairer, redensifiers and Revitalizing. For brighter skin, a more curved face and a revived radiance.

Discover creams Night Nuxe in several formats!

Nuxe has carefully developed several formulas of creams of Night based on ingredients of natural origin to pamper your skin as she deserves it. With floral extracts, precious vegetable oils and other natural active ingredients chosen for their effectiveness, they wrap your skin with a comforting sweetness To accompany it every night on the way of cell renewal natural cutaneous. Recovering oil balm, Night cream firming anti-wrinkle corrector, or redensifying and fortifying, they offer you their many benefits to complete Your beauty routine. Their creamy texture and delicate fragrance coat your skin with infinite softness, to accompany you during your sleep And leave your skin full of promises when you wake up.

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