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Find a light look thanks to your Nuxe eye contour cream. Dark circles, pockets or wrinkles: its formula responds to the sought -after efficiency.
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Cream eye contour

Preserve the brilliance of your Look by integrating the eye contour cream with your beauty routine daily. Real concentrates of care, the creams of the eyes of the nuxe hydrate and illuminate the area of ​​the gaze. They act on signs of fatigue. Discover the different creams Nuxe eyes outline with virtues and Exceptional scents, for women and for men.

Opt for an eye contour cream for a look like young

The skin around the eyes is particularly fragile. Four times finer than on the rest of the face, It is also strongly vascularized and highly stimulated by the movements eyelids and facial expressions. The eye area is marked very early in expression wrinkles, especially smiles when the eyes Plut (wrinkles of the goose's paw). This area of ​​the face is also very exposed to external aggressions. All these particularities promote the appearance of pockets, dark circles. The eye area requires Then a very special care.

To act on the premature skin aging, alleviate signs of fatigue and preserve appearance youth and the intensity of the gaze, the cream Eye contour is an essential ally. It brings a complement hydration around the eye, blurring wrinkles and fine lines and now The firmness of the skin. In addition to your facial hydrating treatment, the cream Eye outline also reduces dark circles, pockets and smooth the whole area around the eye, for a look sparkling.

Which cream to choose for eye contour?

It is said that the eyes are a reflection of the soul. Infinitely precious, your gaze deserves your full attention. Preserve his intensity day after day thanks to the eye contour cream that corresponds to your needs. Nuxe offers you different care for textures, compositions and Different scents to enhance your gaze to perfection. Our creams eye area based on ingredients of natural origin draw their power at the heart of nature to take care of your skin and reveal the brilliance of your gaze efficiently.

Cream, gel or balm, floral scents or wooded, specifically developed for the sensitive area of ​​the eye area For women but also for men: choose the formula that suits you and attracts you, for a daily beauty ritual that corresponds to your needs and your desires.

The gel texture ensures a relevant action, Ideal for reducing the pockets. If you have the outline of the sensitive eye and/or marked, prefer a balm or cream texture to hydrate, and blur Signs of age.

How to apply an eye contour cream?

Your eye contour cream ideally applies in the morning and evening, on clean and dry skin, before The application of your facial moisturizing treatment.

Take the equivalent of two grains of rice from Cream, divide it between your two indexes and place it in small touches Before your eyes at the bone zone.

Smooth the cream using your indexes in performing several successive movements from the inner corner of the eye towards The external corner. Repeat the movement three times then insist on the area of goose leg by performing circular movements

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