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Your Guide to Multi-Masking
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

Your Guide to Multi-Masking


We’ve always loved winding down with our favourite face mask, but the recent launch of our brand new Insta-masques have got us super excited about all things multi-masking. Never heard of such a thing? It’s time to lean in, because multi-masking is about to help you step up your skincare routine and make it even more tailored to your skin’s specific needs. And in case you missed the memo, our new range of 2-minute miracle Insta-Masques are the perfect multi-masking companions. Read on for our complete guide...


So what exactly is multi-masking?

We tend to categorise skin types into rigid categories - dry, oily or combination, but the truth is, different areas of the face can have completely different characteristics. For example, your t-zone might be oily, yet your cheeks and chin are super dry, or you may find that you’re lacking radiance in your cheeks but have a dry and uneven t-zone. Despite these huge differences, we often use just one product to treat the face as a whole. Multi-masking on the other hand is a technique which involves using different face masks for different parts of your face according to their needs.


What are the benefits?

Face masks have always been an incredible product for giving focused treatment of a specific skin concern whether its for brightening, clarifying or smoothing. With multi-masking, this concentrated treatment is only applied to the area that needs it, helping to more effectively improve the overall appearance of the skin. It also means you aren’t applying the incorrect treatment to other areas of the face, which could lead to increased oiliness, dryness or even breakouts.

How do I multi-mask? 

Firstly, identify the characteristics of the different areas of the face - including the forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. Which areas are the first to lose their makeup, or look shinier? These are the oily areas. Where are you suffering from breakouts? These areas probably need to be decongested. And which look flaky and uneven? These areas are more dry and need exfoliating. Be mindful that our skin changes throughout the day as well as seasonally, so what your skin needs at different times will vary. 


Now pick out your face masks according to the characteristics of each area. Ensure your skin has been perfectly cleansed and dried before getting stuck-in with application...


Zone-in on your favourite Insta-masques

The three face masks in our brand new Insta-masques range each tackle a different skin concern in 2 minutes, making them ideal for multi-masking. Removal is super easy too - all three formulas transform into a lighter texture upon rinsing so they can be washed away together. Here’s our steps for the perfect 2-minute facial.


Step 1: Tackle Oily Areas with our Purifying Mask

the oily parts of the face tend to be found across the t-zone; the forehead, nose or chin. On these areas, use the Purifying and Smoothing Insta-Masque which contains white clay to unblock the pores and mattify the skin. Unlike traditional clay masks, this light and creamy formula contains rose floral water to prevent the skin from drying out. 

step 2: Detoxify with our Charcoal Mask 

Suffering from breakouts that aren’t budging? That’s probably due to impurities such as polluting particles or excess sebum settling in the skin. Give these areas a detox by applying our Detoxifying and Glow Face Mask. With activated charcoal, this face mask captures and removes impurities leaving the skin clear and radiant. 


Step 3: Brighten and even out the skin with our Exfoliating Mask

Dead skin cells make the skin look uneven, dull and less youthful. Use our pretty in pink Exfoliating and Unifying Face Mask to smooth out the skin and reveal a brighter, younger complexion. With natural-origin exfoliating powder the mask buffs away dead skin whilst its transforming oil-based formula to leaves the skin soft. 


Step 4: Rinse

Leave your face masks for 2 minutes minutes to work their magic before rinsing with warm water to reveal instantly perfected skin. Rehydrate by applying your favourite serum and face cream as usual. 


Shop our new range of Insta-Masques on the NUXE site here

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