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Winter Beauty Essentials - Skin First aid
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

Winter Beauty Essentials - Skin First aid

Your lips are dryer than the sahara, your skin is tight and sore, and, if you’ve taken to the ski-slopes it may even be sun damaged and wind-burnt. Hydration-zapping, redness-enhancing and seriously soreness-amplifying; winter is a fierce enemy when it comes to our complexion. So what to do when you find yourself in a state of skin SOS? Find out the items that we’d add to our NUXE skincare first aid kit to rescue your complexion from the claws of winter damage.


How to keep my skin moisturised? 

It’s an obvious one, but it’s time to lather it on and put back in all of that lost moisturise. Chances are, the winter winds will also have left your skin incredibly sore and sensitive so you need to make sure that you choose your moisturiser carefully. It should be intensely hydrating and, ideally, opt for something with nourishing natural milks or oils.

Our moisturising cream Crème fraîche® de Beauté for dry skin is perfect for those with normal skin, combining plant milks and algae extract to offer 48-hour hydration. Our intensely nourishing Rêve de Miel rich cream, containing honey and precious oils is also a great alternative for those with very dry skin.


What if your skin is dehydrated?

If your skin is in a serious state of dehydrated distress, try adopting a hydrating mask and serum into your routine. Find products which contain Hyaluronic acid; it’s highly effective at drawing moisture into the deepest layers of the skin, plus encourages collagen-synthesis, leaving your complexion more plumped and healthy.

Use a moisturising mask, like our Crème fraîche® de Beauté mask with hyaluronic acid at least weekly which will help to seriously reduce sensations of tightness. Then, allow your daily moisturiser to work harder by applying a hydrating serum beforehand; our Creme Fraiche serum will lock-in extra hydration.


What should you do to have smooth lips?

Chapped, dry and cracked lips are a constant nemesis during the colder months so ensure you’ve got the weapon to tackle it in the form of a nourishing lip balm. Our best-seller, Rêve de Miel® Lip Balm which contains honey and precious oils will repair even the most damaged of lips. For intense action, apply a very thick layer to the lips before you sleep to allow it to work its repairing magic at night, then top up throughout the day to maintain hydration and protect from further damage.

Don’t let winter catch you out either; even if your lips aren’t damaged yet, nip it in the bud with daily application as part of your everyday skincare routine.


How do you protect your skin against the sun?

Many of us will be heading to the ski slopes over the coming months for our fix of mountain air but we may well be leaving with more than a rosy glow to our cheeks. Damaging UV-rays are particularly strong at high altitudes, plus as much as 80% of the UV light that reaches the snow is then reflected back up at us; presenting an even higher risk of sun damage. Application of SPF 30 or higher goes without saying, but if you do encounter sun and wind burn; after care is also important. Regularly apply a soothing sun tan lotion after skiing, to help re-hydrate and soothe any soreness.


How do you reduce unwanted signs of ageing skin?

If the effects on our skin weren’t bad enough during winter, the dehydration can really exaggerate the appearance of wrinkles and fine-lines. Plus, any damage sustained on the slopes will seriously contribute to early signs of ageing. So, make sure you’re upping your use of anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle creams, particularly while it’s colder. You should be looking to richer anti-ageing formulas at night time, such as a rich anti-wrinkle cream then apply a lighter lotion in the morning to boost radiance and even-out skin tone. Use in tandem with an anti-ageing serum to help lock-in lasting youth-boosting benefits.

With these handy products in tow - you’ll have your skin nursed back to health in no time this Winter.

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