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Why is double cleansing necessary?
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

Why is double cleansing necessary?

It’s no secret that cleansing is an important step in your skincare routine. We’ve been preached at since we were teenagers that sleeping in our makeup is a no-no, been scolded for waking up with foundation on our pillow and cringed in the mirror at that fetching panda-eye look. But proper cleansing is so much more than a splash of water or sweep of an obligatory face wipe. 

Our skin puts up with a lot - as well as being subjected to heavy application of makeup on a daily basis, our skin is also exposed to an invisible amount of dirt, grime and harmful pollution. This dirt and grime not only settles in the pores causing breakouts and acne, if left on the skin it can cause alterations in our skin’s DNA leading to dehydration of the complexion and early ageing. Getting rid of all of the daily nasties that have settled on the skin requires a number of daily cleansing processes, both morning and night. 

So cleansing is important, but improper cleansing can cause problems of its own too. Choosing the wrong cleanser for your skin type could lead to increased oiliness and breakouts or on the other end of the scale, dryness and irritation. Follow our tips for the perfect cleansing routine for your skin type to give you a clear, clean and healthy complexion. 

#Step 1 - Pre cleanse to remove makeup 
Double cleansing is super key. If you’re wearing makeup you need to remove it with an initial cleanser in order reach the deeper layers of dirt with your second cleanse. Start by using a gentle cleansing liquid or makeup remover on a cotton pad to get rid of the superficial layers of grime. 

The NUXE Very Rose Cleansing Oil is the perfect first cleanser - filled with tiny micelles of oil it perfectly melts away makeup. Those with particularly dry skin may prefer to use the gentle, creamy formula of our Cleansing Milk with Rose Petals which perfectly removes makeup whilst softening the complexion. Remove any more stubborn lip or eye makeup by holding your cleanser-soaked cotton pad against the area for 30 seconds before wiping away. 

#Step 2 - Second cleanse to less invisible dirt 
Even with the bulk of your makeup removed, there’s likely to be significant amounts of less visible dirt left on the skin. Get to this deeper level grime with an oil or foam-based cleanser depending on your skin type. For oilier skin types, opt for the Very Rose Cleansing Foam which has a light and frothy formula to keep pH levels balanced. 

Apply your chosen second cleanser by rubbing a small amount between the hands then massage into the face. Thoroughly work into the skin by using circular movements from the centre of the face and extending outwards before rinsing with warm water or removing with a hot cloth. 


#Step 3 - Get into those pores with a gentle acidic exfoliator 
Regular exfoliation helps to give those pores a good clear out and buffs away dead skin cells to reveal healthy, new skin - just don’t go crazy on this step, especially if you suffer with dryness. 

Exfoliation is particularly important for oily-combination skin types who are more prone to breakouts. If you sit in that camp, try the Aquabella Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Gel which contains natural blue micro beads to cleanse deep down into the pores. It also eliminates excess sebum and evens irregularities leaving the skin smooth and luminous. For those with more sensitive and dry skin, choose the Very Rose Peeling Lotion - this formula uses salicylic acid and 4 fruit acids to gently eliminate dead skin cells and refines the pores whilst hydrating and softening the skin. 

Apply your exfoliator by massaging into damp skin, then rinse with warm water. To allow for a deeper cleanse, dilate the pores by placing a hot cloth over the skin for a minute or two before exfoliation. 

# Step 4 - Add the finishing touch with toner 
The most commonly forgotten step, toner makes all the difference between a perfect and average cleansing job. Toners are designed to rehydrate the face and remove any remnants of cleansing product as well as the harsh minerals or chemicals found in tap water. If left on the skin, these chemicals can cause serious dryness and irritation. 

Use the refreshing and hydrating spritz of our new Very Rose Toning Mist. For oilier or combination skin types use the Aquabella Beauty-Revealing Essence Lotion which whilst hydrating, also mattifies any areas prone to shine. Apply using a cotton pad then tap the skin gently with your fingers to encourage penetration. Finish your skincare routine by applying your favourite serum and moisturiser. 

Shop your complete cleansing kit including the brand new Very Rose cleansing range and Aquabella ranges on the NUXE site here.

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