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The most powerful superfoods for flawless skin
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

The most powerful superfoods for flawless skin

Eat your way to amazing skin? It's a thing. The contents of our diet are not only important for looking after the inside of our bodies but the outside too. When combined with an effective skincare routine , food can have the capability to help manage a host of common skin plights from acne flare ups, inflammation, dullness, dehydration and even the appearance of wrinkles. But it's not as simple as avoiding that cheeky chocolate treat or glass of wine; certain 'superfoods' have been found to be particularly effective at helping to achieve flawless and radiant skin . So try adding a few of the following foods into your diet and you may just reap the rewards ...

For dry and dehydrated skin… 

Avocado : Pass the avo on toast because avocados are true hydration-boosters. They're high in oleic acid, which helps to maintain moisture in the epidermal layer of the skin, keeping your complexion soft and nourished. Their polyunsaturated fatty acid content also protects from symptoms of skin sensitivity and inflammation; incredibly common in dry skin types. 

Oily Fish : Dry skin is actually one of the key symptoms of Omega-3 deficiency, so get your fill with a portion of oily fish 3-times weekly to keep your complexion hydrated and glowing. Salmon, sardines, mackerel and anchovies are all incredibly rich in Omega-3 as well as B-12 which plays a key role in skin-cell reproduction and repair. 

For oily skin…

Kale : Green, leafy vegetables such as kale are incredible for managing oily skin. A single cup of Kale contains 50% of your daily Vitamin A intake, helping to seriously reduce your skin's production of oil. It makes a tasty substitute to other leaves in salad or can be a great addition to a roasted vegetable traybake.

Sweet-potato : A great excuse for carb-loading and the healthier alternative to the humble potato, sweet potatoes are seriously high in Vitamin A. Vitamin A helps to manage the production of sebum - a key cause of excess oil in the skin. But boiling this superfood veg can actually cause it to lose a lot of its vital nutrients, so opt for lightly roasting or baking to ensure you're getting the benefits.

For acne-prone skin…

Sauerkraut : It might not be the sexiest-sounding snack, but fermented vegetables like sauerkraut are incredible probiotics. Probiotics are essential for promoting gut-health by preventing the growth of harmful bacteria and protecting against allergens and environmental toxins. A healthy gut has been proven to reduce inflammation in the skin and is key for keeping acne at bay.

Oysters : High levels of zinc are essential for fighting those dreaded breakouts and oysters are one of its richest sources. Like probiotics, zinc is also brilliant for lowering inflammation. But it's acne-fighting properties don't stop there. It also reduces keratin which prevents pores from becoming blocked, fights bacteria and even reduces the production of testosterone - the main hormone for promoting acne build up.

To keep your skin fresh ...

Chia seeds : These little seeds are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce the production of inflammatory compounds; chemicals which are key in the aging process. They also help to boost collagen production and are even found to stop up to 70% of free-radical activity giving them serious youth-boosting power. Due to their high-fiber content, they've also been shown to help weight-loss; double win. Sprinkle onto your breakfast, mix into smoothies or even add to salads to get your fix. 

Quinoa : This popular grain has begun to wind itself into most superfood salads, and with good reason too. As well as being an incredibly rich source of protein, quinoa contains tyrosinase inhibitors which have been shown to decrease age-associated pigmentation. It's high in Vitamin A, the ultimate vitamin for delaying the aging process and also contains riboflavin which improves skin elasticity.


Goji Berries: The most popular "superfood" which has grown in popularity in recent years, goji berries are full of unique antioxidants. These tart-tasting berries have been shown to be very effective at raising blood antioxidant levels, and have been linked to reduced skin-aging, and preventing heart disease and cancer. So next time you whizz-up a fresh smoothie bowl, be sure to sprinkle a few delicious goji berries on top!

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