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Skincare 101: Ultra Nourishment
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

Skincare 101:
Ultra Nourishment

When it comes to dealing with dry skin, our skincare needs to work much harder. It should intensely nourish by helping to replenish the hydrating oils and nutrients that make our skin look and feel amazing. It’s particularly during the colder months that our skin is stripped of goodness by a nasty cocktail of plummeting temperatures, harsh winds and hot showers, leaving it chapped, rough and severely depleted of hydrating lipids. But dry skin can’t be treated in the same way as normal skin, it requires a specific routine and selection of products to repair and protect. So, get the full lowdown with our Skincare 101 for ultra-nourishment


Nourishing Ingredients

Dry skin is highly sensitive, so it’s particularly important to know which ingredients are beneficial and which to avoid like the plague. Here at Nuxe, we believe that nature holds the key to perfectly nourished skin, so we look to two soothing and hydrating natural skincare ingredients. Our nourishing range Rêve de Miel® is specifically designed to nourish even the most dry and sensitive of skin types and uses a powerful combination of honey and natural botanical oils.

Known in ancient Mythology as ‘the nectar of the gods’, Honey has been used to treat the skin for thousands of years; thanks to its incredibly softening and hydrating properties. The enzymes found in honey mean it can deeply penetrate the epidermis. It’s also incredibly soothing and helps to protect the skin from external aggressors, making it the ideal companion to dry skin.

Products with a substantial oil content are also amazing for deep hydration and nourishment, which is why our Rêve de Miel® and Huile Prodigieuse® ranges are enriched with only the most precious of natural oils. Sunflower oil, which can be found some of our Rêve de Miel® products is incredible for activating the skin’s natural lipids but other hydrating oils to look out include macadamia, almond, camellia, borage and hazelnut oil.

Some ingredients however, can be particularly damaging, and although you won’t find them in our products, avoid anything containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and retinoid which are notorious for drying out the skin. Also stay away from mineral oils which are useless for the skin and stick to natural skincare instead.


Nourishing Face Care

It’s our exposed areas that are the first to suffer from the aggressors of winter, making our face particularly susceptible to dryness. Don’t use a highly fragrant and soapy cleanser and ensure you choose one that’s enriched with lipids so it’s not stripping your skin of any moisture.

Opt for seriously rich and soothing cream moisturisers - use our day face cream Rêve de Miel® after your morning shower to avoid tautness and to ensure that you’ve replaced any hydration lost in the heat. At night, apply a thick layer of a more intense formula like our nourishing night cream Rêve de Miel® to reveal softer and more comfortable skin in the morning. 


Nourishing Bodycare

Along with our face, hands are often the first to take the brunt of fierce cold weather. Regularly use an intensely moisturising hand cream, like the one from our nourishing range Rêve de Miel®. Apply particularly after showering or washing your hands and wear gloves if stepping outside to keep the moisture locked in. 

For general bodycare, the use of a moisturising body treatment after showering goes without saying. Choose a rich cream formula or for incredibly dry and sore skin, massage a rich body oil into desired areas for ultimate hydration and protection - try our multipurpose rich oil Huile Prodigieuse® Riche, specially reformulated for very dry skin. 

Skin that’s susceptible to rubbing, like your elbows and knees can be even more tricky to tackle - so use a weekly exfoliating treatment, such as a gentle body scrub and then follow with an ultra-nourishing cream or oil to repair and soothe the skin. 


Nourishing Lip Care

Most of us know the horrible feeling of dry and chapped lips in winter so choose a lip balm that not only hydrates, but works to repair and protect as well. Our Nuxe lip balm Rêve de Miel® is one of our bestsellers due to its powerful, nourishing formula with honey and natural oils. Apply throughout the day, but for an intense treatment before bed, try mixing with a small amount of sugar to exfoliate dead skin cells followed by application of a very thick layer to allow your skin to repair itself overnight. 

Follow our advice and your dry skin will be supple, soothed and radiant in no time. Discover more about our nourishing Rêve de Miel® and Huile Prodigieuse® ranges on the Nuxe site.


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