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Nuxuriance® Gold: acts on all visible signs of ageing, boosting your self-image.

Absolute anti-ageing power, for dry, fragile skin caused by the effects of ageing.

Nuxuriance® Gold, a NUXE innovation with 4 patents (FR) which acts on all visible signs of passing time: lack of nutrition, loss of density and radiance, wrinkles, to meet the specific needs of dry skin, weakened by age.

For the first time, NUXE Research has combined renewing Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells®, a Jiaogulan and Rockrose Nutri-Restorative Complex and the Porcelain Rose Oleoactive® to brighten the complexion.

Formulas with more than 92% natural ingredients and soothing textures for ideal comfort.

Skin is instantly brighter. It looks revitalised, more beautiful and full of life.

Proven results

Women felt their skin was:
• Intensely replumped, in 88% of cases*
• Firmer, in 88% of cases*
• Fortified, in 84% of cases*

*Use test - 32 women. Satisfaction % after 28 days of using Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream.

Innovation with emotional benefits.

With Nuxuriance® Gold, NUXE has gone further and decided on a rational approach to measure… the irrational.

Owing to a study conducted by Neuroscience researchers, after 28 days of using the Nuxuriance® Gold routine, it was noted that women had a more positive self-image, they felt better in themselves physically and gained more confidence.

Prepare for a new sensory experience!

Nuxuriance® Gold Collection

Nuxuriance Gold Nutri-Revitalising Serum

Absolute Anti-Ageing Serum - Renews, strengthens and enhances radiance

Nuxuriance Gold Radiance Eye Balm

Absolute anti-ageing eye contour balm - Illuminates, smooths, revitalises

Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream Nuxuriance Gold

Absolute Anti-Ageing Cream - Re-densifies, nourishes, enhances radiance

Nutri-FortifyingNight BalmNuxuriance Gold

Absolute anti-ageing night balm - Re-densifies, nourishes, revitalises

Nuxuriance® Gold: technology with absolute anti-ageing power

Beauty Advice & Tips

For nourished, fortified, radiant skin!

Is the Nuxuriance® Gold range suitable for my needs?

Take a few moments to look in the mirror and touch your skin, to identify your skin’s needs and choose the right skincare: 

• Is your skin dry (does it feel rough, lacking in softness, etc.?) or, indeed, wrinkled? 
•  Do you feel your skin is thinning? Or has lost substance? Or seems more fragile?
•  And has your complexion lost its natural rosy glow?

If so, the Nuxuriance® Gold range is meant for you. Day to day, it helps act on all visible signs of aide of dry skin, weakened by age: lack of nutrition, thinning skin, loss of radiance, wrinkles, etc., for revitalised, radiant, healthy looking skin.

How should I care for dry, fragile skin caused by the effects of ageing?

A few tips: 

1. Adopt a good daily cleansing routine. 
It is essential to cleanse your skin thoroughly, morning and evening. Opt for gentle products, such as micellar water, or a lotion. Avoid tap water as far as possible, as it can dry out your skin even more, and limit repetitive rubbing with cotton swabs.

2. Apply suitable skincare. 
Your skin is dry and may even lack nutrition. It is also thinner and more fragile, and often lacks radiance. It needs cosmetic skincare able to compensate for lipid losses, to strengthen the skin, while revealing its natural rosy glow. Also opt for rich, ultra-comfortable textures to rapidly restore the comfort and softness your skin needs. We recommend the Nuxuriance® Gold range. 

3. Protect your skin from harsh external factors. 
80% of the effects of ageing skin are due to harsh external factors. Your skin protects you each day, but to preserve your skin you also need to protect it! Hence: limit prolonged exposure to UV, avoid alcohol and tobacco use, limit variations in temperature (hot/cold), etc.

4. Adopt a balanced diet.
Your skin is dry and fragile because it no longer produces sufficient lipids. Including a small amount of Omega rich foods in your daily diet will also help strengthen your skin. Furthermore, as the main cause of accelerated ageing is oxidative stress, we also recommend a diet rich in antioxidants (green tea, citrus fruit, certain spices, fruit and vegetables, etc.) to preserve and protect your skin day to day.

How should I apply my Nuxuriance® Gold skincare?

After cleansing your skin, apply Nuxuriance® Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Serum:
1. Dab lightly over the face, neck and décolleté.
2. Gently smooth the texture, working outwards over the face. 

Then apply Nuxuriance® Gold Radiance Eye Balm:
1. Apply the balm to the fingertips and warm the texture lightly between the fingers.
2. Apply light pressure using your index and middle fingers, working outwards and starting with the lower eyelid.

Finish by applying Nuxuriance® Gold Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream in the morning, and Nuxuriance® Gold Nutri-Fortifying Night Balm in the evening:
1. Apply the product to the fingertips and warm the texture lightly between the hands.
2. Then apply to your face, neck and décolleté using gentle upward smoothing movements. 
3. Place your hands flat over your face, covering your chin, cheeks and forehead, and leave them there for a few moments to encourage absorption into your skin. Repeat on your neck and over your décolleté. 

Cosmetic skincare which makes you feel better? This has been proven with Nuxuriance® Gold!

At NUXE, we have always paid particular attention to women’s wellness and the pleasure they can derive from using our skincare. 

For the first time*, our laboratory, in cooperation with Neuroscience researchers, has scientifically measured the positive effects of Nuxuriance® Gold skincare on wellness and self-image.

This has been proven! After just 1 month, women feel better, more beautiful and more confident.


Active Extracts

A unique combination of active ingredients with a patented action (FR) for absolute anti-ageing power.

Porcelain Rose Oleoactive® - 1 patent (FR)

It takes its name and colours from the rose and its smooth beauty, so perfect it almost looks artificial, from porcelain. Native to Asia, Porcelain Rose can be recognised by its exuberant foliage and the rare beauty of its pink/red flower.  It has strong antioxidant properties owing to its high polyphenol content. 

To benefit from all the properties of the plant, NUXE has opted for a natural extraction process called Oleo-eco-extraction. This process allows optimum extraction of the active molecules using a botanical oil (rapeseed oil) as the carrier.  The Porcelain Rose Oleoactive® thus obtained contains 6 concentrated active molecules, including polyphenols and omegas.

Convinced by the potential inherent in the plant, NUXE studied and revealed the novel role of this Oleoactive® in activating skin microcirculation, thus restoring the skin’s radiance and vitality. This discovery has been patented (FR). 

Saffron & Bougainvillea Bi-Floral Cells®
3 patents (FR)

Bi-Floral Cells® represent the culmination of an unprecedented patented technological achievement (FR) by NUXE: encapsulation of active molecules actives of precious Saffron Flower, with renewing properties, in Bougainvillea plant cells.

As well as acting as a vector, easily absorbed into the skin, these perfectly biocompatible plant cells are also known for their own rich content of active elements (amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, etc.) which thus potentiate the benefits.

This has been proven! These intelligent cells stimulate the creation of new major skin cells*, through a continuous, targeted action over 12 hours, for a visible renewing effect.

*In vitro test on active ingredient.

Nutri-Energising Complex

To meet the specific needs of dry skin weakened by
age, NUXE has selected an innovative complex which combines Jiaogulan extract and Rockrose extract to strengthen the skin.  

Jiaogulan is a plant native to Asia, renowned for its revitalising and energising properties. Known as “immortal herb”, it is even thought to have the power to extend the lives of those who consume it. Obtained from the plant’s leaves and stems, the extract selected by Nuxe Research help replenish the skin’s lipids, to strengthen its structure.

As for Rockrose, this plant is very widespread throughout the Mediterranean Basin. It is a real force of nature, capable of surviving in extreme conditions. Its extract has a high polyphenol concentration (3 times more than green tea), and effectively protects the skin’s lipids from oxidation and improves skin barrier function.

NUXE Research

A skincare collection with absolute anti-ageing power.

Ingrid Pernet - Director of Scientific Communication, Laboratoire NUXE

Why does skin age?

Several factors are responsible for the effects of skin ageing. Some factors are genetic and thus specific to each individual, whereas others, with the most impact, are related to lifestyle (fatigue, stress, etc.) and the environment (UV, pollution, etc.).

Our skin is a real protective barrier which is constantly exposed to harsh external factors, and is thus the first to suffer the consequences. Premature signs of ageing gradually become established, visibly so! 

What are the signs of skin ageing?

At different stages in life, signs of ageing become established and increasingly visible. 

From age 25, fine lines and wrinkles start to appear around the eyes and on the forehead. Over the next few years, skin starts to lose firmness and elasticity: wrinkles gradually become established. 

All signs of ageing become accentuated after menopause: slackening, deep wrinkles, pigmentation marks, etc. Skin then starts to become dry and weak. 

Why does the skin become dry and fragile over time?

The skin is made up of a multitude of cells and molecules (including lipids), essential to maintaining its structure, but also to its role as a protective barrier against the external environment. 

Three major phenomena are observed over time: 
• Skin cells are renewed more slowly, they decrease in number and the skin gradually thins.
• Cutaneous lipids, essential to barrier function, become increasingly rare. The skin becomes dry and fragile. 
• The skin microcirculation slows and becomes depleted: the complexion loses radiance and becomes dull.

Dry, fragile skin caused by the effects of ageing thus requires an appropriate skincare solution, to boost cell renewal, for added nutrition, strength and radiance.

The NUXE solution: absolute anti-ageing skincare!

NUXE has created the Nuxuriance® Gold range, a collection of 4 absolute anti-ageing skincare products to act on all visible signs of dry, fragile skin caused by the effects of ageing: lack of nutrition, thinning skin, loss of radiance and wrinkles, owing to the unique combination of ultra-effective active ingredients with a patented action (FR).

Day after day, the skin is revitalised, visibly and tangibly.

Over time, the skin thins, becomes dry and fragile, and loses its radiance. It then needs absolute anti-ageing skincare.

Ingrid Pernet - Director of Scientific Communication, Laboratoire NUXE

Consumer reviews

Read consumer reviews for Nuxuriance® Gold.

Nuxuriance® Gold Nutri-Revitalizing Serum

'I love the scent of this product. I use it every day, in addition to my Nuxuriance cream. It is very easy to apply. I’m a fan.'

Chrystelle B. 13/01/2019

Nuxuriance® Gold Radiance Eye Balm

'Very good, pleasant product.'

Marie-Laure V. 06/01/2019

Nuxuriance® Gold Nutri-Fortifying Oil-Cream

Nuxuriance® Gold Nutri-Fortifying Night Balm

“A rich texture which felt amazing on my skin which was starting to feel tight with the cold...very pleasant sensation during my evening beauty routine...calming scent....In short, it's fantastic, and I am already a fan.”

Isabelle M. 14/12/2018

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