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Lip care 101: How to avoid dry and chapped lips

Here’s our guide to complete lip care “rescue”

lip balm miel

Whilst winter is full of so many pros - Christmas, cosy nights in and crisp, cold walks - dry and lips are one of its serious downsides. The harsh winds, cool air and central heating are an unwelcome cocktail for our lips which unlike the rest of our skin are not protected by a hydrolipidic film. This leaves them much more vulnerable to dehydration and dryness resulting in sore, red and tight skin. If you find your lips sending out an SOS, here’s our guide to complete lip care “rescue”…

#1 Look, not short-term lip care...

It all starts with choosing a quality lip balm which will ultimately help to repair as well as soothe dry lips. Our newly reformulated ultra-nourishing lip balm Reve de Miel® contains Shea butter and precious botanical oils to thoroughly soothe and hydrate the lips whilst also protecting them from further damage. Its qualitative bee-made ingredients of beeswax and propolis oleocative - a precious and rare ingredient can help to replenish, repair and nurse the lips. 

#2 Choose your lipstick wisely…

Whilst that festive red matte lip might be what you’re lusting after this winter, it’s not the wisest of choices if you’re prone to dry lips. Frequent application of matte formulas, liquid lipsticks and lip liners are all likely to dehydrate the lips even further, so opt for soft, moisturising formulas. Or alternatively apply a layer of lip balm before application of any makeup lip product.

#3 Layer up at night…

Skin regenerates best while we sleep, so aid recovery by using a nourishing lip mask before bed. Simply apply a thick layer of Reve de Miel lip balm and allow to soak in as you snooze. This will allow its repairing and hydrating ingredients including honey and propolis oleoactive to properly get to work. With 300 molecules including fatty acids, vitamins, polyphenols, minerals and more - Propolis Oleoactive can work wonders for the skin.



#4 Get exfoliating …

Just like the rest of your skin, lip care also requires gentle exfoliation to remove dead, flaking cells. This also stimulates cell-regeneration to reveal healthy and smooth lips. You can make a highly effective lip exfoliant by combining our Ultra Nourishing lip balm Reve de Miel® with a small amount of sugar in your hand. Simply apply in gentle, circular motions to rub away any dead skin, leaving your lips soft and smooth. Layer up with another touch of lip balm to keep the skin hydrated and soft.

#5 Stamp out bad habits…

Avoid licking your lips. Although we do this to add moisture, it’s actually dries them out further by removing any natural oils. Saliva also contains strong acids to break down food, which can erode and irritate the surface of the lips too. It might be tempting, but picking dead skin from your lips is another serious no, no. 


#Stay protected

Prolonged time in the cold is the key cause of dry lips during winter. Our Reve de Miel® lip balm has protective qualities so layer it up before heading outside to give the lips a protective care Simply wrapping up with a thick scarf that covers the lower part of the face in another easy way to protect your lips from the elements.

Keep your lips, nourished, protected and soft this winter by shopping our bestseller ultra-nourishing lip balm Reve de Miel®. You can shop our full range of lip protection products on the NUXE Site.

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