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Nuxe Body Care Range

The 100% body care range from Nuxe provides genuine skin care alchemy that delivers performance while offering you a moment of pure well-being.

Nuxe Innovation

A body care range that combines efficacy and pure indulgence

The Nuxe body care range offers a complete body care ritual; divine textures and relaxing scents to pamper and beautify your body. 

The Nuxe body care essentials combine the soft, delicate scent of Almond Blossom and Orange Blossom to offer you a moment of pure well-being in your daily routine. The range comprises a shower gel, body scrub, deodorant and body lotion. 

This body care range is also complemented by products with an expert, targeted action: a firming cream and contouring oil, which both contain a concentrate of cocoa and Flower extracts to combat the appearance of cellulite and create a sculpting effect. 

Allow yourself to be seduced by the enveloping and addictive scent of this body care range with powdery notes. Prolong your moment of pure indulgence with the Nuxe Body Relaxing Fragrant Water, the irresistibly fresh, sweet scented veil. 

Nuxe Body Care Range

The body care ritual to pamper and beautify your body

Women's Shower Gel NUXE Body

Fragrant Water NUXE Body

Moisturising Body Lotion NUXE Body

Firming Body Cream NUXE Body

Body Contouring Oil NUXE Body - For Infiltrated Cellulite

Beauty Advice & Tips

Our advice for looking after your body

Which Nuxe Body Care ritual is suitable for me?

For each beauty objective there is a perfectly adapted ritual:

For impeccable hair-removal
Prepare your skin with the Melting Body Scrub: this will help to prevent ingrown hairs; then moisturise for a perfect, silky result. For your underarms, apply the Long-Lasting Deodorant; with its alcohol-free formula, it doesn't irritate skin, even when it's just been shaved or waxed.

After a sports session
To freshen up and relax, opt for the perfect trio: start with the Melting Shower Gel, followed by the Long-Lasting Deodorant and then finish off with the Relaxing Fragrant Water. 

Get ready for nights out
Ensure your skin is soft, smooth and invigorated with the Melting Body Scrub and the Melting Firming Cream. Then beautify your body with a final touch of Relaxing Fragrant Water... and you're good to go!

Your contouring programme
When you get out of the shower in the morning, apply the Contouring Oil, taking your time to really massage it in to reduce the orange peel appearance caused by infiltrated cellulite. 

Tip for achieving a killer figure

1. Warm the oil between your hands before generously applying it over your legs and stomach.

2. Then, with both hands, apply using circular motions working from the ankle up to the hips and ending with broader, slower strokes smoothing in a clockwise direction
over the stomach.

3. Still using both hands, apply using circular motions over the ankle, and applying light pressure, gradually move upwards to the tops of the thighs. Repeat this 3 times on each leg.

4. Apply again smoothing over each arm and working upwards; then from the shoulder back down along the inner arm and finishing with the palm of your hand. 

How can I firm my skin?

To firm and tone your skin: first use the Melting Body Scrub (once or twice a week), then apply the Melting Firming Cream using a ritual that has been specially adapted for each area of the body:

- On the stomach: make large, clockwise, circular motions with the flat of your hands, then gently pinch with your fingertips to create a toning effect.

- On your thighs: start by placing your hands flat, then smooth upwards applying a light pressure. Then apply in little, circular motions with your fingertips, always starting from the knee and working up to the hip. Finish off with a few gentle pinches over the entire thigh area to create a toning effect.

- On your buttocks: apply with large, circular motions using the flat of your hands, and following the body's contour. Finish off with a few gentle pinches, using your fingertips to create a toning effect.
- Finally, on your arms: apply the cream by smoothing it on from the elbow up to the shoulder, before toning the skin under the arm with the help of small, energising pinches.

Nuxe research

The complete ritual to look after and beautify your body

How can I look after my body?

Every day you should: 
- Cleanse: like any other beauty routine, the first essential step is hygiene! You need to get rid of the impurities and dirt that accumulate on the surface of the skin, and which prevent it from breathing. It is this phase that will prepare your skin to receive the other treatments and, in doing so, optimise their efficacy.
- Moisturise: moisturising is undoubtedly the most important part of any beauty routine.  Properly hydrated skin reflects health, freshness and youthfulness. 
Finally, consider exfoliating at least once a week.

Why is it important to exfoliate the skin on your body?

The skin on your body is constantly regenerating and shedding the outermost layer of cells. Sometimes, these cells don't detach properly and their accumulation causes irregularities in the skin's texture. In addition to your daily cleansing ritual, a deeper cleanse is therefore recommended once or twice a week to eliminate dead skin cells. This exfoliator ensures soft, supple skin. And don't forget that this is an essential step before hair removal (to help lift any ingrown hairs) or before applying your self-tanning product (for an even, streak-free glow).  However, you should avoid using it straight after shaving or waxing when the skin is more sensitive, or just before sun exposure, to prevent white patches or sun burn. 

Why does skin lose its firmness? How can I prevent skin slackening?

There are many factors that can result in skin slackening. Rapid weight loss, ageing, sun exposure or even certain eating habits can damage the skin and make it lose its elasticity. Even though skin slackening can affect the whole body, certain areas are more susceptible: inner thighs, stomach, arms... To counteract skin slackening, you need to take care of your skin with the daily application of a firming treatment containing carefully selected active ingredients.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite forms following an imbalance between the natural storage and release of fat cells, which causes a massive accumulation of these cells.  Cellulite can be generalised, which is often associated with excess weight, or it can be localised, which usually occurs around the hips and legs. We make a distinction between this so-called "encrusted" cellulite, which is mainly linked to excess fat (it is soft and not painful to touch), and so-called "infiltrated" cellulite, which is more related to water retention (the latter is painful when you pinch it). Each type of cellulite requites a specifically targeted response. 

Why do we perspire? How can we limit this phenomenon?

Perspiration is important for regulating our body temperature; this enables the body to maintain the correct temperature.  Although odourless, perspiration is broken down by certain bacteria, which then produce volatile substances that have an unpleasant smell.  This can then become embarrassing for ourselves and others... There are two types of products to reduce this phenomenon: 
anti-perspirants, which stop perspiration, and anti-odour deodorants, which act on the bacteria responsible for the unpleasant smells, or which absorb moisture.  Nuxe Body offers a deodorant with a deodorant efficacy that is based on 100% natural powders, alun stone and silver.

Active Extracts

Gentle action provided by an exclusive complex containing the petals of Almond and Orange Blossoms*

Almond Blossom

The almond tree is the first tree to blossom in winter. Its pinkish-white flowers are particularly rich in tannins, flavonoids and amino acids and have softening, soothing, antioxidant and moisturising properties. Our R&D lab has concentrated all its beneficial properties, combining them with those of the Orange Blossom, in an exclusive floral complex commissioned and developed by Nuxe. This requires genuine extraction know-how due to the transience and fragility of the petals. This complex combines the natural benefits of these two flowers to soothe and soften all skin types.

Orange Blossom

The Orange Blossom, or bigaradier, has little star-shaped flowers with a yellow centre, which are known for their inimitable scent. The extract used in the Nuxe Body Care range contains carbohydrates, flavonoids and essential oils with soothing, antioxidant and moisturising properties. 

Customer Reviews

Discover customer reviews of the Nuxe Body Care range

Nuxe Body Melting Shower Gel

« A wonderful shower gel. The texture leaves skin silky soft. I love the scent, which lingers on the skin even after your shower! I only have good things to say about it! »

Estelle M.

Nuxe Body Melting Body Scrub

« The absolute best body scrub! Highly effective, simple and quick to use under the shower. Doesn't irritate my rather sensitive skin! I highly recommend it. »

Anne-Sophie G.

Nuxe Body Relaxing Fragrant Water

« I'm a real fan of this scented water. I've been using it all summer after the beach and in the evening. Fresh and delicately perfumed, it does as promised! »

Elisabeth G.

Nuxe Body Melting Firming Cream

« A sumptuous cream that leaves skin silky soft and deliciously scented. I use it after my shower and just before going to bed because I love to sleep enveloped in this scent. »

Julie G.

Nuxe Body 24Hr Moisturising Body Lotion

« This lotion glides on easily. It moisturises dry skin really well and absorbs quickly, meaning you can get dressed right away! Very light, pleasant texture: I use it every morning after showering. »

Céline R.

Nuxe Body Body-Contouring Oil for Infiltrated Cellulite

« I use this oil every morning after showering, massaging it over my stomach. It makes skin extremely soft and doesn't leave any marks; you can get dressed straight after using it. »

Christine H.

*excluding contouring products

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