NUXE BODY Long-Lasting Deodorant

With natural powders of Alum and Silver

All skin types, even sensitive or after hair removal

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Format 50 ml





Effective by nature

NUXE BODY Deodorant is the first Deodorant with Mineral Effectiveness by Laboratoire NUXE. It is alcohol-free and provides long-lasting protection without leaving any white marks.  Perspiration is reduced and the skin is protected right from application until the end of the day. It has the sweet and delicate fragrance of the NUXE BODY range. It took the sweet and delicate fragrance of NUXE BODY range.

Precious benefits for my skin

Deodorant effectiveness 8 hours after application proved by Snif Test
The fragrance hold is ideal**: 95%
Protects throughout the day**: 90%
Body odors are neutralized**: 90%
Soothes the skin**: 90%

*Test conducted on 22 volunteers. Evaluation by enologists.
**Use test conducted under dermatological supervision on 21 volunteers over 28 days. % of volunteers who agreed with the claim.

Nikki . le 25/02/2014

I agree with one of the other reviews. This deodorant smells lovely, but unfortunately it just does't work as effectively as my usual brand. It's a shame as it's the only Nuxe product I've been disappointed with.

Margaux . le 11/12/2013

The deodorant smells lovely and I was looking forward to using a very natural product, unfortunately the protection just isn't as good as the deodorant I usually use. I was feeling sweaty and not dry all day long.


My skincare ritual


Apply in the morning after showering on clean and dry skin, and at any time of the day if needed.


This deodorant provides long-lasting protection by reducing perspiration with a unique blend of natural mineral powders (100% natural origin Alum Powder). It neutralizes odors (100% natural origin Silver Powder, Coconut Oil Derivative, Trehalose), soothes and softens the skin (Orange and Almond Flower Petals, Vegetable Glycerin, Allantoin).

Alcohol-free. Paraben-free.