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New Year New Skin New You
Beauty tips & tutorials
Beauty tips & tutorials

New Year,
New Skin, New You

Whilst the New Year may have brought with it New Year’s resolutions, new found fitness motivation and a fresh outlook - one thing certainly hasn’t changed and that’s the cold weather. Whilst wrapping up in layers of chunky knitwear outdoors, then curling up in the warmth of the indoors might sound glorious - it isn’t for our skin.

Icy temperatures, chilly winds and the contrasting warmth of central heating is not a winning combination; leaving our skin stripped of moisture which leads to dryness, redness, chapping and to top it off, signs of early ageing. But we do have a plan of combat. Follow these steps to keep your complexion hydrated and glowing and make your skin a better reflection of your renewed self for the New Year.


Tip 1 - Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate again

And no, we’re not just talking about slathering on the moisturiser - drinking water does immeasurable good for your skin; especially during the colder months. Skin is largely made up of water so without it, it loses plumpness and feels dull and dry.

Drink two litres a day at the very least to keep it looking and feeling nourished.



Tip 2 – Cleanse carefully

Cleansing is important throughout the year, but it’s easy to cleanse away any of the little moisture you’ve worked hard to maintain without the right product. Preferentiate oil based or milk cleansers, that will keep your skin better nourished than other solutions. Whilst cleansing, stray from the steaming hot tap and use tepid water to prevent further moisture from being stripped away.


Tip 3 – Up your moisturising game

Now’s the time to get heavy-duty with your moisturiser. Choose a rich, oil-based rather than water-based product; especially at night to allow your skin to drink up as much moisture as possible whilst you sleep. During winter, every skin type, even normal to greasy one, need extra nourishment. Chapped lips might also feel part and parcel of winter but it doesn’t have to be the case. Slather on a hydrating lip balm to keep them soft and soothed; one that contains shea butter will be particularly effective. Our brand new Huile Prodigieuse Riche moisturiser would also be perfect for this.


Tip 4 – Introduce youth-boosting products

Whether they’re a part of your normal routine or not, anti-ageing products including anti-ageing creams and serums need to be called into action particularly at this time of year. The lack of hydration means your skin loses elasticity which can really exaggerate fine lines and wrinkles.

Introduce a daily treatment that contains hyaluronic acid such as our Nuxellence Anti-Ageing, as well as an anti-wrinkle eye cream to help encourage collagen synthesis and retain moisture leaving your complexion plumped and youthful. 


Tip 5 – Use an oil

Oil products are brilliant for allowing moisture to penetrate deep into the skin. Take moisturising one step further by using an enriching body and face oil immediately after showering and even before bed to help lock in lasting hydration and leave skin super soft. Some oil products even offer anti-ageing properties and can mimic the functions of an anti-ageing serum so you can cover off two steps in one.


Tip 6 – Get exfoliating

The harsh weather often leads to a build-up of dry skin which acts as a pesky barrier for moisture trying to get in as well as leaving your skin uneven and flaky. So, it’s important to regularly exfoliate throughout the winter period to maintain a bright complexion. However, do so with care as dry and chapped skin can be easily irritated. Use a kind, gel-based exfoliator rather than a scrub to gently dissolve dry skin and be sure to thoroughly moisturise afterwards.

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