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Merveillance® Expert Range

Anti-wrinkle skin care with Daylily Oléoactif®: fills in established wrinkles and firms skin after the age of 40.

Nuxe Innovation

The anti-wrinkle range that fills in established wrinkles and firms the skin.

Laboratoire Nuxe has discovered 12 "active" molecules with exceptional anti-wrinkle properties at the heart of a newly decoded flower, the Daylily. The result of several years of research with 3 patents pending (FR), the Merveillance® Expert range fills in established wrinkles and plumps where skin has lost its firmness. 

Once again, Nuxe sensoriality has worked its magic, awakening your senses with divine textures and the delicate scent of a floral bouquet that blends the intense exoticism of ylang ylang, the femininity of jasmine and the sumptuous sweetness of vanilla.

The six essential anti-wrinkle products that make up the Merveillance® Expert range offer a targeted daily response to the skin care needs of women from the age of 40.

Results observed by women:

  • From one week of use, wrinkles are reduced for 72% (1)
  • From one week of use, skin is firmer for 78% (2)

Merveillance® Expert Range

The anti-wrinkle range that fills in established wrinkles after the age of 40.

Anti-wrinkle Serum Merveillance Expert

Anti-ageing Cream Merveillance expert - Dry Skin

Anti-wrinkle Cream Merveillance Expert - Normal Skin

Anti-wrinkle Night Cream Merveillance Expert

Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream Merveillance Expert

Beauty Advice & Tips

Our advice for filling in established wrinkles and firming the skin.

How can I fight the signs of ageing?

To fight the signs of ageing, regularly use skin care products
that are suitable for your age and skin type:
From the age of 30: target your first wrinkles 
They start to appear around the eye area and on the forehead... these are expression lines.
Choose skin care products that have been specifically designed to combat the first signs of ageing: these relax your features and smooth out wrinkles.

From the age of 40: fill in wrinkles and firm your skin 
The anti-wrinkle skin care that you use must act on the proteins that play a key role in promoting firmness
(collagen, elastin, etc.), such as Merveillance® Expert.

From the age of 50: regenerate your skin 
You need an all-round anti-wrinkle response, to smooth wrinkles, lift features, re-sculpt
your facial contour and restore radiance. The ideal product? Skin care that promotes regeneration
of the major skin cells, such as Nuxuriance® Ultra.

From what age is Merveillance® Expert suitable?

The Merveillance® Expert range is aimed at all women from the age of 40, the age when wrinkles become more pronounced and skin loses its elasticity and firmness. 

The Merveillance® Expert beauty routine

Stage1: Apply Merveillance® Expert Lifting Serum over the face:
1. Warm a pea-sized amount of serum between the palms of your hands.
2. Apply over your face using a gentle, pressing motion with the flat of your palms.

Stage 2: Then apply Merveillance® Expert Lifting Eye Cream around the eye area:
1. Dispense a tiny dab and distribute it between the middle fingers of each hand.
2. Using your middle finger, gently smooth over the lower and upper eyelids from the inner eye area working outwards to the outer eye. Maintain pressure for 3 seconds when you reach the tops of the temples. Repeat this 3 times.
3. Gently pinch along both eyebrows at the same time. Repeat this from the inner eyebrow all the way along to the ends of the brow. Repeat this 3 times.
Stage 3: Apply Merveillance® Expert Correcting Cream:
During the day, apply the correcting fluid, correcting cream or rich correcting cream depending on your skin type. At night, apply the regenerating night cream. 
1. Warm a pea-sized amount of cream between the palms of your hands.
2. Apply by using short smoothing motions, alternating the hands, working from the bottom of your face upwards. Pay particular attention to your facial contour and temples.
3. Repeat these movements on each side of the face. 

How should I choose my day cream?

It is important to choose a day cream that is suitable for your skin type
- If your skin has a tendency to become taut, uncomfortable or rough, then you have dry skin: go for the rich correcting cream, which will provide your skin with nourishment and comfort.
- If your skin has a tendency to become shiny across the forehead, nose and chin, then you have combination skin: go for the correcting fluid; it will reduce the appearance of pores and leave a perfect matte finish. 
- If your skin doesn't present any particular issues, then you have normal skin: use the correcting cream. 

Why is it important to use a night cream?

Skin regenerates during the night. To maximise this nocturnal regeneration peak, Nuxe has created its specifically designed night cream, enriched with a brown algae extract that is capable of promoting skin regeneration overnight.

Nuxe research

Targets the 3 key proteins involved in youthful looking skin

What are the 3 key proteins involved in youthful looking skin?

Youthful looking skin depends on 3 key proteins: collagen, which provides resistance and firmness, elastin, which gives softness and elasticity and vimentin, a micro protein that ensures skin has a good structure.

Why do these proteins deteriorate after the age of 40?

After the age of 40, these proteins are affected by a natural phenomenon called glycation. This is an oxidation reaction, during which sugars bind to proteins, notably collagen, elastin and vimentin. The consequences: these proteins become rigid, brittle, disorganised and lose their properties. And this is visible on the surface of the skin: wrinkles become more pronounced and skin loses its firmness.


How does Merveillance® Expert technology target these 3 proteins?

Laboratoire Nuxe has discovered an extraordinary active ingredient: Daylily Oléoactif®. This super anti-wrinkle active, which has 3 patents and is concentrated in 12 active molecules, enables targeting of the 3 proteins that are key to youthful looking skin.  So with Merveillance® Expert, results are visible from the first week of use!  After one month, established wrinkles are filled in and skin is firmer, as though it has been lifted. 

Merveillance® Expert Active Extract

Daylily Oléoactif® is a super anti-wrinkle active!

Daylily Oléoactif®

Its Latin name, hemerocallis, comes from the Greek hemera, meaning day, and kallo, meaning beauty. This "day-long beauty", which unfurls at dawn and closes up by dusk, to be born again the next day, is a plant from the liliaceae (lily) family, which has large flowers in vivid hues.

Nuxe selected the Red Daylily, which is grown on the Dutch island municipality of Texel, for its properties which are rich in active molecules. With over 20 years of know-how in botanical oils, our laboratory chose a dynamic and natural solvent-free extraction procedure, meaning the entire essence of the plant can be extracted. This process is known as oleo-eco-extraction. The Oléoactif® obtained in this way contains a concentrate of no less than 12 active molecules, including flavonoids, unsaturated fatty acids and carotenoids, as well as presenting major anti-wrinkle properties. In addition to its antioxidant activity, Daylily Oléoactif® improves skin's firmness by targeting the 3 proteins that are key to youthful-looking skin (collagen, elastin and vimentin).

Customer Reviews

Discover customer reviews of Merveillance® Expert

Merveillance® Expert Lifting Serum

« This serum effectively plumps features. I use it every evening before Merveillance Expert Regenerating Night Cream; in the morning my skin is rested and, above all, fresh. I am a convert! »

Claudette B.

Merveillance® Expert Rich Correcting Cream

« A wonderful cream; my wrinkles are less visible and my skin is soft. Divine scent. »

Laetitia R.

Merveillance® Expert Regenerating Night Cream

« A sumptuous cream with a lightweight texture, delicately scented and highly effective against wrinkles. Leaves skin radiant. I also recommend the day cream. »

Christine H.

Merveillance® Expert Lifting Eye Cream

« Excellent product and, above all, delivers outstanding moisturisation to my very dry skin. Make-up holds well after use. Finally an effective eye cream! »

Nathalie D.

Merveillance® Expert Correcting Fluid

« I just love it! Its velvety, non-oily texture is easy to smooth over the skin. Decongests the eye area and the scent is sublime. A little tip: keep it in the fridge to further enhance its effect! »

Magdalène D.

Merveillance® Expert Correcting Cream

« A joy to use and feels comfortable on the skin without being oily. Skin looks plumper, I just love it! »

Christelle J.

(1) Use test performed on 32 volunteers - satisfaction % after 7 days of applying Merveillance Expert® Lifting Serum
(2) Use test performed on 32 volunteers - satisfaction % after 7 days of applying Merveillance Expert® Regenerating Night Cream

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