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Keep going: Tips for fitness motivation
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Keep going: Tips for fitness motivation

If you kicked off 2019 by hitting the ground running in the fitness department, then huge props to you. Whether it’s been smashing the treadmill, or taking to a new yoga class, you’ll definitely be feeling fitter, more energised and certainly healthier than you were in December. But keeping it up the rest of the year? That’s a whole different ball game. As the routine gets stale and you aren’t so fuelled by that start-of-year buzz, motivation can seriously start to wane. Want to keep up the good work for the rest of the year? Follow our tips for sustaining those goals...

Keep things varied and exciting

Variety really is the spice of life. If your straight up daily gym sesh isn’t floating your boat, try incorporating some different fitness classes into your routine. Working out in a group is not only fun, but training alongside others and a fitness instructor is a great way to try something new and ensure you’re pushed to the limit. 

Most gyms offer exercise classes of some kind, whether it’s circuits, weight training, yoga or pilates - there’s generally something to suit every fitness level and goal. Programmes like ClassPass and MoveGB where you pay a monthly fee to access different classes all over your city, allow you to pick and choose from thousands of different workouts. While spin and boxercise classes continue to be incredibly popular, newer workouts like rowing class and Muay Thai are set to be big in 2019.

Train smarter
If you feel like you’re putting in hours of treadmill time to little avail, it’s probably because you aren’t working hard enough. That doesn’t mean you need to put in hours more effort, it means getting smarter about the way you workout. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) involves working at maximum intensity with regular short rest periods and has been proven to be more efficient in building stamina, improving heart health and for burning fat.

In fact, studies have shown that a mere 15 minute HIIT session can be just as effective as one whole hour of jogging, so it’s super easy to a slot into a busy lifestyle. You can easily incorporate HIIT into your workout yourself, or try one of the many HIIT classes now available in gyms across the country.  

Set goals
We know that we exercise to achieve a healthier lifestyle, but having something to work towards is not only motivating in itself - you’ll thrive off of the dopamine hit once you complete it. 

Focus on both short term and long term goals but make sure they’re realistic. Bigger goals like running a half marathon are great, bit without those smaller ones in between such as running your fastest 5K or lifting those couple of extra kilos will ensure you stay motivated and don’t fall down along the way. 

Goals can be simple too - find yourself exercising 3 days a week currently? Why not try going for 4 sessions over the next 4 weeks. Or challenge yourself to try something new - whether it’s giving a different sport a go, running to a new location or attending a different fitness class. 

Normalise your workout routine 

Much like brushing your teeth or taking off your makeup, one of the best ways to keep up fitness is to make it part of your everyday routine. 

Scheduling workouts into your diary as you would any other important activity ensures you make time for it and can’t fall down on excuses. Try keeping to the same routine every week and overtime it’ll become a habit that’s much easier to stick to. 

If you’re exercising just remember the importance of a pre and post-workout skincare routine! Follow our tips here and shop your skincare companions on the NUXE site here

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