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Introducing our new Insta-Masques Range
In the spotlight
In the spotlight

Introducing our new Insta-Masques Range

Prepare yourself for instantaneous, filter-free perfection with our brand new Insta-Masques facemask range. Featuring three fabulous new facemask formulas, each product tackles two specific skin concerns using two powerful active ingredients in just two minutes. Yes, that’s right - in just the time it takes to brush your teeth you can reveal perfectly radiant, purified or smooth skin depending on your specific concerns. 


Discover the three formulas…



The Exfoliating and Unifying Mask: With a pretty in rose pink formula our exfoliating and unifying facemask tackles dead skin cells to immediately reveal soft and radiant skin. With a unique gel formula that contains micro-grains, it magically turns to oil when massaged into the skin for ultra-comfortable exfoliation. Delight in its natural ingredients of super soothing Rose Floral Water and hydrating Macadamia Oil which strengthen the hydrolipidic film and leave the skin silky soft.



The Detoxifying - Glow Mask: This black-gel  Insta-masque detoxifies and illuminates the skin in just 2 minutes. Containing powerful activated charcoal,  it perfectly captures and eliminates impurities thanks to its incredible porous surface. But don’t worry about scrubbing this one off, it magically turns into a lotion once rinsed making removal super easy, plus the ingredient of Rose Floral Water leaves the complexion soothed and soft. 



The Purifying and Smoothing Mask: A white clay mask which both visibly purifies and smoothes the skin, making it perfect for oily and congested areas. Unlike traditional clay facemasks, this formula is light, airy and non-drying whilst unblocking clogged pores and absorbing excess sebum. It leaves the skin even, clear and soft.





Get multi-masking!

Just one of the reasons we love our new Insta-masques is the way they can be combined for a completely tailored facial treatment. So often we use the same products to solve a multitude of skin issues despite the fact different areas of our skin tend to behave differently. Whether you’ve got an oily T-zone and dull cheeks, or a dry forehead but a greasy chin, mix and match your facemasks to give yourself the perfect 2-minute facial. Here are some of our favourite combinations: 

Objective: Reveal The Radiance - If your skin is looking a little lacklustre, opt for the Exfoliating and Unifying Mask across the key dry areas such as the forehead and chin, then use the Detoxifying - Glow Mask to give life to your cheeks.

Objective: Purify The Skin - Mange areas prone to oiliness such as the T-Zone and chin with the Purifying and Smoothing Mask whilst clearing impurities across your cheeks with the Detoxifying - Glow Mask.

Objective: Smooth The Skin - Even-out areas of the skin across the T-Zone with the Purifying and Smoothing Mask then buff away dead skin cells across dry areas with the Exfoliating and Unifying Mask to reveal radiant and smooth skin. 

#BeautyTip - With just 2 minutes needed per application, our Insta-masques are perfect for those in a hurry. Save precious time by applying and rinsing in your morning shower then thank us later! 

Shop our new Insta-masques range on the NUXE site here. 

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