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I woke up like this’  How to energize fatigued skin
Beauty tips & tutorials
Beauty tips & tutorials

I woke up like this’ How to energize fatigued skin.


There’s nothing to top off a stressful week or lack of sleep like waking up with the signs written all over your face. Whilst the tendency might be to shrug it off and power through, when it comes to your skin, fatigue can be a very difficult thing to hide. As well as dark circles, skin fatigue also reveals itself in the form of dull, puffy, and dry skin, and over time can also lead to early ageing of the skin. This is due to the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which damages the collagen in your skin which keeps it looking, full, radiant and youthful. Whilst you can try piling on the concealer, there are easy ways to update your skincare routine to effectively treat fatigued skin; and it’s more beneficial in the long run. Follow our expert tips…

Find a moisturiser with long-term power

The right moisturiser will not only help to reverse dehydration, it should be packed with ingredients to protect the skin from further fatigue. Our new gel and silky moisturisers from the Creme Prodigieuse Boost Range have been especially formulated to combat the effects of lifestyle and environmental mstress. Both formulations contains Jasmine Flower complex to boost the skin’s antioxidant defense mechanisms, Calendula Flower to promote collagen synthesis and cellular sugar to increase cell function. Apply morning and evening to instantly refresh and energise the skin and use day after day to reveal a more luminous and youthful complexion. 

Eye on the eye cream 

Dark circles and puffy eyes are one of the most tell-tale signs of tiredness and skin fatigue. This is often due to dilated blood vessels under the thin and fragile skin, caused by exhaustion. Stress can also cause water retention leading to fluid build-up and puffiness under the eyes. Including an eye cream within your skincare routine is the best way to tackle those pesky bags. The Creme Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Correction Eye Balm Gel specifically targets fatigued eyes, containing caffeine to decongest the eye area and hazelnut oil to strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. Applying morning and evening will instantly illuminate the under-eye area and over time, lead to a more youthful appearance. 

Opt for overnight skincare 

Skin cells best regenerate whilst we sleep, so applying an overnight treatment is the best way to wake up looking like you’ve had 10 hours, even when you’ve only had 6. It also means you can use richer formulas that deeply hydrate the skin and soak in whilst you get your zzz. The Creme Prodigieuse Boost Night Oil Recovery Balm works whilst you sleep to moisturise the skin and fight the effects of skin fatigue. Featuring Napal Flower Extract, it promotes cell renewal to leave the skin looking refreshed, relaxed and rested and day after day, more full and healthy. 

Exfoliate the skin 

When the body is tired, cell regeneration suffers - making the skin looking tired and dull. Fortunately, this is an easy one to tackle yourself with regular exfoliation to buff away dead skin cells and stimulate the development of healthy new cells. The Micro-Exfoliating Purifying Gel Daily Use Aquabella®, infused with natural microbeads evens irregularities to leave the skin smooth and luminous. Just remember to rehydrate directly afterwards with a nourishing moisturiser. 

Give yourself a facial massage 

A simple at-home facial massage can instantly breathe life into the complexion by boosting circulation and oxygen to the skin cells. Warm an oil-based cleanser or moisturiser between the fingers and begin by moving in circular motions from your chin to your temples, then apply sweeping motions from the centre of your face out towards your cheekbones. Tackle under-eye puffiness by lightly tapping from the inner to outer corners of the eye area. 

Apply an illuminating primer 

A correcting primer can help to provide that rested  glow to the skin, with or without makeup. The Creme Prodigieuse Boost Multi-Perfection 5-1 Smoothing Primer  has been formulated to perfect tired looking skin, by smoothing imperfections and irregularities, mattifying shiny patches and improving luminosity. Apply in smoothing movements across the T-zone and expression lines. 

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