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How to take care of combination skin
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

How to take care of combination skin

If you have combination skin, we totally understand your plight. The only thing worse than dealing with super oily skin or super dry skin, is dealing with both. Your moisturiser might hydrate perfectly in some areas but create a multitude of oil in others, whilst some facial cleansers seem to work wonders but leave other parts of your face feeling tight and dry.

It’s easy to identify if you’re a combination skin type. Generally the T-zone is oily whilst the cheeks and chin tend to be dry and flaky. Pores are likely to be more open and visible, especially around the nose and forehead. It sounds impossible to treat, however with the right products and tailored combination skincare routine you can easily even out your complexion, tighten pores, mattify and moisturise, all at the same time. 

Tip #1 – Cleanse your skin deep down!

Using a facial exfoliator will really help to gently cleanse the pores and reduce their appearance. Opt for a facial cleansing gel you can use on a daily basis.

Our NUXE Aquabella® range is formulated specifically for combination skin types and our Micro-Exfoliating Gel Aquabella® from the range is the perfect solution. It uses particles of Silica and blue microbeads from natural origin to gently cleanse the pores and eliminate dirt and excess sebum, revealing more radiant skin without any drying effect. For those who are found of foaming formulas, then go for the Micellar Foam Cleanser, which is light and frothy and perfectly adapted to combination skin


Tip #2 – Prep’ your skin

Lotion is a skincare step that’s often overlooked but it’s essential for combination skin types.

Our Essence Lotion Aquabella® is the ideal product to apply post-cleanse: it prepare the skin to your day and/or night care. Pores are tightened, skin texture is refined and the complexion is fresher. True combination skincare, it refreshes the skin with a moisturising veil whilst also refining the pores.



Tip #3 - Stay (lightly) moisturised

Although it may feel like the oily parts of your skin don’t need to be moisturised, moisturiser is incredibly important even for oily skin. Water is essential to maintain the balance of our cells.

In the case of combination skin, it is even more important to provide daily moisturising as some areas naturally lack comfort. Opt for a lighter gel or emulsion-based product such as our Moisturising Emulsion Aquabella®. The tailored-made moisturiser for combination skin with hyaluronic acid, white waterlily and a vegetal blur complex, melts into the complexion, leaving it hydrated whilst eliminating excess sebum and mattifying the skin. 


Tip #4 - Combo your face masks 

Face masks are targeted care to tackle specific skin needs, so don’t use one size to fit all. Apply a clay, mattifying mask on your oily areas and then a moisturising, hydrating cream mask on your dryer areas. Our Moisturising Mask Crème fraîche® de Beauté uses plant milks and hyaluronic acid to provide 48-hour hydration. Apply a thick layer for 10 minutes before removing with a cotton pad or apply before bed as an alternative to moisturiser and allow to sink in overnight.


Tip #5 – In winter, bring extra moisture 

Intense cold can also affect combination skin: discomfort, tightness, loss of radiance… Keep in mind that combination skin needs water constantly too! As soon as the first signs appear, mix a few drops of dry oil Huile prodigieuse® in the palm of your hand with the moisturising emulsion Aquabella®, preferably at night, to nourish and repair the areas that need it.  

Treat your combination skin by shopping our Aquabella® range on the NUXE site.

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