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How to beat under eye circles
Ask the expert
Ask the expert

How to beat under eye circles

There’s nothing like waking up with huge, dark, circles under your eyes to put a huge dampener on the start of your day. Even when it feels like we’re looking after ourselves, getting enough sleep and taking care of our skin, those pesky shadows under our eyes can still make an uninvited appearance. Try as we might to cover them with concealer and fade with foundation - their dull puffiness can be incredibly difficult to hide. But by following the right steps and with the right eye creams in tow, they can be beaten. 


What are they and how do we get them?

Infraorbital edema, otherwise known as under eye puffiness, is caused by a collection of fluid under the fragile skin beneath the eyes. The dark, bluey appearance of circles occurs due to thinning and dulling of the skin, which can make blood vessels and dark tissues more visible . It can also be due to an accumulation of pigments such as melanin or lipofuscin in the skin. 

Although fatigue is the most widely associated cause, there are a number of reasons why these dreaded circles might be cropping up. Oversleeping can actually be as bad as undersleeping whilst natural ageing is the most common cause. As we get older, collagen breaks down leading the skin to loose its elasticity and thickness, making it more transparent and prone to lines. The tissues around our eyes also start to weaken, which means the fat that usually supports our eyes can begin to move into the lower eyelids.

Genetics play a huge role, some of us will be more prone to the ageing effects than others but lifestyle is a major contributor too. Inadequate protection from the sun can lead to early ageing of the under eyes, as can smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. 


How do we avoid their appearance?

As with a number of skin troubles, the number one key to fighting under eye circles is in prevention. Keeping the skin nourished and hydrated will helps to prolong its ability to renew. It’ll help keep it thick and elastic and also prevent the appearance of deep lines. 

A huge factor in prevention comes down to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. Make sure you’re getting your 8 hours shut-eye; inadequate sleep not only leads to the formation of short term circles but also long term, as this is when our skin and body best repairs itself. 

Avoid smoking and alcohol as these will also contribute to skin fatigue and reduce your screen time. Excessive phone and computer use can in fact strain the eyes, causing the surrounding blood vessels to enlarge and eye area to darken. 


What can we do to reduce their appearance?

If those pesky bags have already cropped up, NUXE have formulated a range of powerful eye creams to help combat their appearance. 

Our Nuxellence® Anti-Ageing Eye Contour is an incredible youth-revealing product, suitable for skin of all ages. Featuring 10 patents (FR), plus powerful Passionflower and Hyaluronic Acid - it beautifully smoothes and illuminates the eye area. It also features a nifty decongesting massage applicator to soothe the skin. 

For mature skin types, try one of our tailored eye contour for wrinkles. For visible lines, our Merveillance® Expert lift eye contour uses plant caffeine and Daylily Oleoactif® to help to fill wrinkles and diminish puffiness and dark circles appearance around the eyes. After continued use the area appears smoothed out and rested. 

Our Nuxuriance® Ultra Anti-Ageing Lip and Eye Cream will help fill in deeper and more established circles. Using an innovative combination of Saffron and Bougainvillea Bi-floral Cells, it eliminates the appearance of eye wrinkles, slackening of the skin, dark pigments and puffiness. 

Our Nuxe Men's eye cream is the solution for dapper gentlemen who want to take care of his eye area. Formulated with Oak and Hornbeam extract, Nuxe men's eye cream reduces the the appearance of bags, alleviates dark circles, smooths the eye contour and protects the skin from premature ageing: all with just one product.

SOS Tip: place an ice cube in a damp cloth. Roll by your eye area to decongest! 


How do I apply my eye cream?

As the skin around the eyes is incredibly fragile, gentle application of eye cream is very important. Squeeze a pea size amount and split between your two ring fingers then carefully dab the cream around your eyes. Pat from the inner corner to the outer corner on the orbital bone avoiding dragging the skin and unnecessary irritation. For more intense nourishment, apply a thick layer of eye cream before bed and allow to work its magic overnight.

Shop our full range of eye creams here on the NUXE site. Dark circles, be gone!


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