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Easy ways to practice self-care this summer
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Stay Tuned...

Easy ways to practice self-care this summer

Taking deep care of your body is at the core of our values here at NUXE, so we’re major champions of the concept of self-care. And no, by self-care we don’t mean treating yourself to a massage once a month, we mean proper self-care - taking time for yourself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level on a daily basis. When practiced properly, self-care gives us the tools to function at full capacity both physically and mentally and means we’re equipped to be the best version of ourselves. 

Although self-care should be a staple and not a luxury, we know our busy lives make finding time for it difficult. But summer with its longer days, warmer weather and slower-paced vibe should make it much more achievable. Follow our tips for some super easy ways to practice this vital ritual this summer. 

Go for a run outdoors 
Exercise is obviously essential for your general health, but nothing quite beats quality exercise in the great outdoors for its physical and mental health benefits. And now, with lighter mornings and evenings, it’s much easier to find the time for it. Ever heard of runner’s high? It’s a thing - just a 30-minute stroll or run in the sun will give you a huge boost of vitamin D, endorphins and oxygen contributing to a healthier heart and elevated mood.

Mindfulness in the park 
Summer gives you the perfect excuse to escape the hustle and bustle of work or home to find a sunny corner of the local park and be alone with your thoughts. Being among greenery has shown to have calming effects, so take it one step further and spend some time practicing mindfulness and meditation to clarify your mind. For a super simple mindfulness technique, try taking slow breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Try and let go of your thoughts as you take your full concentration to the way your body moves with each breath.

Spend some time by the sea 
If you’re blessed enough to be heading off on a sunny holiday then hopefully this box is already ticked, but if not, get yourself down to your nearest coastline for a day this summer. Not only is the sea air refreshing, it’s been shown to induce a mildly meditative state called ‘blue mind’, creates feelings of calm and contentment. It’s also been found to be have huge benefits for your physical health by boosting lung function and calming the nervous system. We’re a particular fan of the benefits of swimming in sea water too - it can do wonders for your skin, helping to reduce dry skin, acne and even psoriasis. 

Give yourself a foot massage 
If you’re taking advantage of the warmer weather by being more active, you’re bound to be feeling it so give yourself some well needed R&R with a foot massage. Foot massage has a wealth of benefits beyond tension relief too promoting better circulation, improved sleep, lower blood pressure and a better mood. Try using the NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil which is the perfect nourishing massage oil for your feet. Apply a few drops into your hand and massage pressure into the arches of your feet and around the joints of your toes. For a summery floral touch to your massage try using Huile Prodigieuse Florale

Have an at-home facial
A pamper from the comfort of your home is a super easy way to unwind. NUXE’s natural skincare products make the perfect pamper companions too, each formulated with ingredients to delight and excite the senses whilst taking thorough care for your skin. For an easy and relaxing facial - start by removing your makeup with our Micellar Cleansing Oil with Rose Petals, massage into the skin to melt away dirt whilst releasing areas of tension in the face. Apply your favourite face mask such as the Creme de Fraiche Beaute Mask to give 48-hour hydration or if you’re less time-rich try one of our new Insta-Masque which can transform the skin in less than 2 minutes. Rinse your mask with a warming hot towel before pressing in a nourishing serum and applying a rich moisturiser. 

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